Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Avente Tile's Blog - Tile Talk - Moves to New Home

By Bill Buyok, Avente Tile

Welcome! I'm pleased to announce that today is our very first post of our blog, Avente Tile Talk, at its new location here on Avente Tile. I started the Avente Tile Talk blog at AventeTileTalk.com in 2008. Even though it's been a huge success; in recent years, it became disconnected at its own location - separate from our main site. So, after some work and changes, we are relaunching the blog here!

Avente Tile Talk - Our Blog's Mission Remains Unchanged
Even though the blog's location has changed, so that it's now "under the same roof" as our product catalog and shopping site, its primary mission remains unchanged. Avente's Tile Talk blog is dedicated to the use, design and understanding of hand-painted ceramic tile and cement tile. The blog's purpose has been to provide a deeper understanding and appreciation about hand-painted ceramic tiles and cement tiles. These hand-crafted products have some unique issues regarding their look, use and installation. I know that open, frank discussion about these products and the sharing of ideas about these tiles will result in more-informed consumers, smarter buying decisions, and satisfied customers. I believe honest communication is the core of any great relationship.

Tile Talk explores the unique issues with installing hand-crafted products, like cement tile.
Tile Talk explores unique issues, such as installing hand-crafted cement tile.

Having the blog in the same location as our product catalog and shopping site makes navigation and use easier. Our goal is to provide not only beautiful hand-crafted tile; but, excellent customer service with easy-to-use tools that will assist and guide the design process. Of course, we'll continue to share historical tile tours, customer installations, design tips, tile trends, and new products.

One of the great benefits of tile is the fact that you can customize and make it your own design. Given the exact same tiles, each customer can create a unique design that speaks to them. The blog will continue to explore pattern, design and tile layout considerations for any project. Having the blog in the same location allows us to seamlessly connect these detailed explanations with products, installation details, and design ideas.

Avente's blog, Tile Talk, provides insight on design and use of cement tile, like this tile rug.
Avente's Tile Talk provides insight on the many designs and uses of cement tile, such as this tile rug.

It's also a great time to thank those dedicated readers and followers of our blog that have contributed to our success. We hope that you will continue to support us in our new location and sign-up for monthly newsletter or RSS feed of these posts. Initially, our goal will be to post twice a week here.

Look for posts on new topics each Tuesday, during our weekly #TileTuesday celebration on Twitter. Then again on Thursday, we'll be sharing some of our most popular posts, like tiling stair risers, creating a tile rug, and how to use tile to finish an edge. We'll re-purpose these popular posts with fresh new design tips, the latest images, and a fresh approach that will provide greater insight. Of course, if you happen to miss, don't worry! Each post will be available through our archive and search tool. We welcome suggestions for other topics you'd like us to publish and discuss. Please send requests to info@aventetile.com with your contact information.

New products and tile trends, like these cement wall tiles in relief, are trends we'll share here.
New products and tile trends, like these cement wall tiles in relief, are trends we'll share here.
Did you enjoy today's post? I hope you return to learn and discover more about cement tile and our hand-crafted decorative ceramic tiles, as well as the hand-picked selection of field/solid color tiles we offer.

Lastly, you might want to subscribe to Avente Tile's mailing list to receive our monthly Tile Talk newsletter that features hand-painted ceramic and cement tile design ideas, tile tips, and information about new ceramic and cement tile products. We also explore historically significant tile installations, such as the Adamson House in Malibu, CA, exciting photos of tile installations and designs, and perspectives from designers and architects who have specified and installed our hand-painted ceramic and cement tiles. We think you'll find lots of inspiration!

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