Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tile (talk), travel, art, and design . . .

This blog is all about Tile Talk. But, here's a little bit about me, why I love tile and want to talk about it.

I like many things in life; but people and the uniqueness of their culture and art fascinate me. The more I travel, the more I want to travel more. See more, experience more, and understand more. Travel lets us experience culture, find what is common, and understand what is unique. Design is finding an aesthetic that provides a balance between purpose, productivity, and prettiness. We are all different and yet we are alike in our needs: food, shelter, loved, wanted and needed. I think that is why I love tile. It has history, it has culture, and it is a creative object d'art for its creator, installer, designer and owner. It is design at its best providing form and function, practical and durable.

This blog is all about tile talk. I want to share the joy of the experience of tile. It is more than a piece of fired clay. Tile is history, culture, art, and it is design. We'll travel to see how it is made, used, and enjoyed. Design at its best: both form and function.

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