Monday, November 23, 2009

Three Great Tile Pattern and Design Books

If you are looking for a unique cement tile pattern or a classic ceramic tile pattern from the Old World, these three books are a great place to start. With hundreds of patterns you are sure to find one that works for you. All available at Many of the patterns featured have been translated into designs available from Avente Tile. The book also features a CD of each pattern that is great start for communicating your design.

Tile Designs from Portugal/Desenhos Em Azulejos De Portugal (Hardcover) by Diego Hutado de Mendoza

Barcelona Tile Designs (Agile Rabbit Editions) (Hardcover) by Mario Arturo Hernandez (Author)

Havana Tile Design (Agile Rabbit Editions) (Hardcover) ~ Mario Arturo Hernandez Navarro (Editor)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

NEW! Avente’s Classic Collection of Cement Tile

Our Classic Collection of cement tile is an exclusive line available in small quantities for quick shipping. This intimate line of cement tiles includes geometric designs and stylistic floral patterns in colors that range form classic black and white to popular green and mustard tones.

Cluny Pattern in Bathroom

The Classic Collection

8" x 8"

8" x 8"

8" x 8"

8" x 8"

8" x 8"

8" x 8"

8" x 8"

To see complete "carpet patterns" of each design select the image or design above. We recommend that you purchase samples to ensure the texture, color and pattern will work for your specific design needs. Tiles can be purchased online. To learn more about cement tile and to get answers to your questions, please contact our helpful staff.

888.739.4972 (Toll Free)
9 AM - 5 PM PST, Monday through Friday

888.739.4962 (Toll Free)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kira’s Meadow Mural

Avente's new line of Sculptural Relief tiles includes a nature-themed mural with flora and fauna in a contemporary design called Kira's Meadow.

Kira's Meadow Mural - Fireplace Mural

Kira's Meadow is easy to install and comes mesh mounted. Each mural is custom made with a unique blend of small, medium, and large elements. Priced per square foot of mesh-mounted tile, you can have a truly unique and artistic mosaic for a backsplash, fireplace, or wall.

Tile Grouping - Sculptural Relief Kira's Meadow Mosaic 12" x 12" (Mesh Mounted)
Sculptural Relief Kira's Meadow Mosaic Tile Grouping

You can order Kira's Meadow Mural on online; but, feel free to let Avente Tile assist you with your plans to ensure your mural is laid out perfectly within your home that complements your design.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Create A Table With Style Using Tile

Create a custom table using hand painted decorative and field tile. You only need a few large decorative tiles to create a medallion for the focal point. A medallion of Spanish Andalucia 6"x6" tiles is the centerpiece of this table.

Spanish Andalucia Table (Top View)

A very creative aspect of this design is the way this Avente customer used the Spanish Andalucia 3"x3" tiles on each corner to add interest and break the border. The typical use of 3"x3" tiles is for a corner transition with 3"x6" border tiles.

For a rustic effect, consider using crackle finish tiles. Or, use broken tile in the background. This classy table uses broken Spanish Natural field tile paired with a Brushed Navy field tile to create a border. When using broken tiles, make sure to layout the entire pattern first. This will ensure the width of the grout line is consistent and create a professional look.

Tile Table with Spanish Tile
Spanish Andalucia Table (On Patio)

Avente Tile offers a complete line of hand painted ceramic tiles in classic Spanish and Portuguese designs as well as patterns that are more contemporary.

Check out our entire line of tiles at Call us toll-free at 888.739.4972 between the hours of 9 AM - 5 PM PST, Monday through Friday. Alternatively, send your request toll-free via FAX to 888.739.4962.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cement Tiles for Walls, Ceilings and Bath Surround

Don't limit yourself to using cement tiles just on floors. The beauty and durability of cement tiles make them an excellent choice for ceilings, walls, and for a bath or tub surround. On wall applications, they can be installed floor-to-ceiling height or used at a "traditional-wainscoting" height. Using existing tile patterns, you can customize the colors with from the existing color palette or even customize a color.

See how cement tiles can be used for walls, ceilings, and surrounds:

Cement Tile Wainscoting Wall Application

Cement Tile Ceiling & Bath Surround

Cement Tile Wall Application


View our Solid Color Cement Tiles and Cuban Heritage Cement Tiles online now!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Design Tip: When to Use Borders with Cement Tile

Many of our cement tile designs come with border and corner patterns that "frame" the main pattern area. For example, our Cuban Heritage Design 110 (shown below) has two rows of tiles that make the double border." The primary pattern is made by alternating a grouping of four tiles that create the medallion and four tiles that create the cross. This main pattern is used consistently on the rest of the floor (or field).

Cuban Heritage Design 110

Use a border if:

  1. The room is fairly large. You want to border to set-off the main design not crowd or change. For small rooms, don't use a border and use the same tile pattern to the edge of the room.
  2. The room is symmetrical or you make the border symmetrical within the room. Otherwise, the border will become complex and confusing and not frame the space.

Here is a stunning example of using a border with the Cuban Heritage Design 110 in a large office.

Visit the Design Ideas section of our web site to see more installation photos of this great product!

If you questions about cement tile or how to use them, please let contact us toll-free at 888.739.4972 (Toll Free). We are open from 9 AM - 5 PM PST, Monday through Friday.

Monday, August 31, 2009

California Tiles with the Stone-Look of Celtic Tiles

Our California decorative tiles are hand-crafted on Spanish bisque using an ancient process know as Cuerda Seca. This ancient method separates the different glazes on the tile's terra cotta background. Create an appealing look reminiscent of old Spanish missions by using several designs from our California line and placing them with a textured field tile, such as our Celtic Botticino 4"x4" and Cornice.

In the concept above, various California deco tiles are used with our Celtic Botticino field and trim tiles. The Celtic Botticino has the look of ancient stone and creates a contrast both in texture and color to the California line. You can use the same decorative tiles for a classic look, or alternate different decorative tiles for more interest.

Create a look inspired by California's missions. Our California tiles are available in both 6"x6" and 4"x4" sizes and brings a stunning Spanish flair to your space.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hand Painted Field Tile

Eartha Field tiles come in 3"x3" (square) or 3"x6" (subway tile) and are beautifully glazed in a variety of colors. These tiles work well on their own; or consider using them with our Eartha decorative tiles.

You might use one color for a bold look, or mix colors together for a more eclectic and modern feel. These tiles are hand made. You should expect color variations in the glaze of each tile; but, when used together there will be enough consistency for a cohesive design and enough variation for truly custom look.




Cat's Eye
Cat's Eye






Golden 3


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bubble Relief Tiles Create Contemporary Look

Our new line of sculptural relief tiles includes a bubble pattern that creates a great contemporary look in bathrooms and kitchens. This line comes in a large color pallet and work well for mid-century remodels. These contemporary field tiles are great used by themselves or with other relief tiles from this amazing artist.

Here's a few great concepts using the Bubble Tile:

Bubble & Reed Tiles with Finch  

Bubble Relief Tiles

Finch Reed Bubble

These tiles are available online from Avente. You may purchase samples online or call us for details at 888.739.4972. Limited sample stock is available; but, we can provide samples in any of the colors provided within about 2 weeks.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Solid Color Cement Tiles Make Great Flooring

Are you timid about using the colorful stylistic designs and bold patterns found in cement tiles? You might consider using solid color cement tiles or "field tiles". Avente offers over 90 colors in its existing palette. Custom colors can be created too! Cement tiles in solid colors make great flooring designs.

Here are few great ideas to help:

  1. Use a single color throughout, the slight variation in shade from a handcrafted tile adds subtle sophistication.

  2. Create a checkerboard using high contrast colors that create a bold effect. Run the pattern wall-to-wall or frame it with a border in the center of the room.

  3. Frame a solid color field with a decorative border; keeping the design simple but not over-powering.

  4. Create a border using a single row of tiles around a solid color field tile "on point." Trim everything outside the border with the same color you used inside the border or add a third color to the scheme. Here a decorative border was used; but, you get the idea!

Our design ideas are a virtual showroom that can help! Or, contact us directly with your questions. Just call Avente Tile toll-free at 888.739.4972.  

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Solid Color Cement Tiles

Avente's product catalog offers a complete line of solid color cement tiles. With over 90 colors to choose from, you're sure to find a color that works for you!

Our solid color flooring cement tiles can be purchased online!

Sample pieces of most colors are available for immediate shipment. We do stock limited quantities of some colors. But, you should allow six to eight weeks for delivery of most orders.

Solid Color Cement Tile with Decorative Border

Avente Tile is here to help! Please contact at Or call Avente Tile toll-free at 888.739.4972.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Minimize the Grout Line on Cement Tiles

Use a very narrow grout line when installing cement tiles. The April 2008 issue of Domino Magazine featured our Cuban Heritage Cement Tiles in Renovator's Notebook. The article explains that you should place cement tiles as close together as possible to create a very thin grout line. Minimizing the grout line will make the design look seamless and your space look larger.

When calculating the tiles required, don't include the width of the grout line to achieve a better estimate, especially on very large projects.

Eco-friendly cement tiles in bold hues are a great way to add color to a room with white walls. The tile featured in this article, Cuban Heritage Design CH100, is available in three colorways! Or, you can customize the colors!

Domino Magazine Article

Avente Tile showcases many more ideas on how to incorporate Cement Tiles into your space, check out our Design Ideas! Or, call Avente Tile toll-free at 888.739.4972.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two Deer Murals with an Arts & Craft Feel

These unique tile deer murals have an "Arts & Craft" period feel. The murals are created on a terra cotta floor tile also referred to as Metropolitan Quarry. Each tile is hand-painted with a resist design and covered with differed hand-mixed glazes. During firing, the resist burns off and the colors separate. The result is stunning and leaves a slight relief on each tile. Each tile is created using renewable energy power.

Deer in Moonlight
4-Piece Mural - 16" x 16"
Rosewood Colorway

Deer in Moonlight
10-Piece Mural - 16" x 40"
Rosewood Colorway

Custom tile designs in custom colors and shapes are also available from Avente Tile. Please note that glaze colors vary because of clay materials and firing techniques. This gives your custom hand-painted tile murals a unique look and lasting beauty.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Three Great Garden Murals

Three new fruit-and-vegetable-themed murals are available. Completed in relief, these handcrafted murals display exquisite attention to detail. These murals, made in the United States by an artisan that understands the craft of tile making, show the importance of detail learned through painting.

The murals come in a matte finish and perfectly pair with natural stone like travertine or granite. The intricate details create artwork that is timely, lasting, beautiful and functional.

Summer Harvest Mural 8" x 23"

Plentiful Basket Mural 20" x 26"

Fruit Basket Mural 18" x 18"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Use Different Decorative Tiles on a Stair Riser

Use different decorative tiles on a staircase. You don't have to use the same tile for all the risers. You can even use different designs on the same riser. Try various, complementary designs and patterns until you find one that works well. See how creative you can be!

different designs on the same riser
Different Tile Designs on the Same Stair Riser

Consider using:

  • A different pattern on each row. For instance, one row is Caceres; the other Cadiz.
  • A few designs and alternating them on each row.
  • Different designs on the same riser. Teruel, Alcala, and Andalucia look great next to each another on the same row.
  • Two rows of 3"x6" tiles instead of a single row of 6"x6.
  • Cement tiles for the stair riser, instead of decorative tiles. You can customize the colors and designs.
  • Include a vertical or horizontal "spacer row" that utilizes a 2"x2" of the same design.

Our slide show of stair riser installations displays some of these great ideas.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cement Tiles Work Well for a Fireplace Surround

detail showing cement tile on fireplace surround Did you know that in addition to being a durable flooring solution, cement tiles are great on walls? Cement or encaustic tiles, like our Cuban Heritage line, create stunning backsplashes and bath surrounds. The stylized designs fashion beautiful accent borders for the hearth. Cement tiles are a creative and flexible product! Use them from "floor level" to "chair rail" height as a stunning alternative to beadboard or wallpaper.

cement tile on fireplace surroundspacerUsing cement tile to surround a fireplace is a fantastic way to add visual appeal to your space. Available in multiple patterns and a broad color palette, cement tiles help create a dramatic focal point that will pull a room's theme together.

In this design, notice how well the gray and white border pattern of the cement tiles effortlessly blends with the marble hearth and mantle. Using a grayscale color palette, or monochromatic color scheme, creates a look that is understated, yet beautiful. Because no specific design element will stand out over another, all aspects of the space work together to create a seamless and cohesive look.