Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kira’s Meadow Mural

Avente's new line of Sculptural Relief tiles includes a nature-themed mural with flora and fauna in a contemporary design called Kira's Meadow.

Kira's Meadow Mural - Fireplace Mural

Kira's Meadow is easy to install and comes mesh mounted. Each mural is custom made with a unique blend of small, medium, and large elements. Priced per square foot of mesh-mounted tile, you can have a truly unique and artistic mosaic for a backsplash, fireplace, or wall.

Tile Grouping - Sculptural Relief Kira's Meadow Mosaic 12" x 12" (Mesh Mounted)
Sculptural Relief Kira's Meadow Mosaic Tile Grouping

You can order Kira's Meadow Mural on online; but, feel free to let Avente Tile assist you with your plans to ensure your mural is laid out perfectly within your home that complements your design.

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