Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Designing with Cement Tile: Shapes, Sizes, Formats

Exercise your creativity with handmade cement tile!
Exercise your creativity with handmade cement tile!

Last month, we reviewed the time-tested quality manufacturing processes and techniques utilized in producing handmade cement tile. In this third installation, we’ll take a look at the various sizes, shapes and formats available with cement tiles.

As you can see in the chart below, handmade cement tiles not only offer beauty and dimension, they also offer flexibility in design with patterns, reliefs and moldings, and solid color cement tiles. Also, because cement tile is a handmade product, it’s further possible to exercise your creativity with Cement Tile Customization Services.

Chart - Avente Tile Shapes, Sizes and Formats of Cement Tile
Shapes, Sizes and Formats of Cement Tile: This chart includes patterned cement tile, relief and molding cement tile, and solid color cement tiles.
To further extend the design capabilities available with cement tile, Rustic Cement Tile Pavers and Arabesque Cement Tiles are also available to transform both indoor and outdoor spaces.

First, let’s take a look at Rustic Cement Tile Pavers with their rich appearance of classic clay bisque tiles - similar to those that have been used in Spain, the Mediterranean, and northern Africa for centuries. With these pavers, you get the benefit of cement in its durability and strength, coupled with a broader color palette, as well as sizes and shapes that can be adapted to any décor and environment.

Avente Tile's Rustic Cement Tile Pavers
Rustic Cement Tile Pavers manufactured from cement rather than clay offer increased durability, while the extensive color palette adds to their versatility.

Arabesque Cement Tiles pay homage to the deeply rooted and rich heritage of traditional Moorish and Spanish tiles. With their interlaced geometric patterns, each hand-crafted tile features nuanced curves and classic shapes – enhancing any setting where they are used.

Avente Tile's Arabesque Cement Tile Pavers
Arabesque Cement Tile Pavers combine the strength of cement with the timeless shapes and formats of Moorish and Spanish design elements.

Handmade cement tile offers a range of design possibilities. Whether you choose to use bold Cuban tile patterns in contrasting colors, classic cement patterns in harmonizing colors, or decide on the Rustic or Arabesque Cement Tile Pavers, the final result is guaranteed to transform any space from drab to fab!

Further, for added inspiration, make sure to download Avente Tile’s newly published Guide to Buying Handmade Cement Tile, a 14-page reference tool with easy-to-read information, vivid examples of cement tile installations, FAQs, and more!

Download: Guide to Buying Handmade Cement Tile

Of course, everyone at Avente Tile is well-versed and experienced in answering any possible question you may have. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to call us at 888.739.4972; or email: info@AventeTile.com.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Interlocking Circles: The Power and History of Pattern in Design

For thousands of years, geometric shapes and symbols have decorated homes, structures, religious buildings and art work. Influenced by nature (such as the perfect hexagon of a honeycomb made by bees), geometry has, in essence, shaped our world.

Interlocking circle patterns graces the floor tiles of this corridor.
Interlocking circle patterns grace the floor tiles of this establishment's corridor. 

Seemingly, the most prolific use of geometry and shapes is the Islamic culture. Because followers of Islam were not allowed to use human forms in art or other creative channels, geometric shapes came to represent their view of the world around them.

A closer look at the interlocking circle pattern.

According to Math Munch, a website dedicated to mathematics, "Humans have been in awe of the symmetrical laws that seem to govern the universe for thousands of years, and they've developed a type of artwork called Sacred Geometry, a way of thinking that gives spiritual significance to geometric shapes. Sacred geometry can be found in religious artwork from many different cultures, and often uses tilings of regular polygons, the Platonic solids, and interlocking circles arranged in symmetric patterns."

Example of Islamic geometry in mosaic tile art form
Example of Islamic geometry in mosaic tile art form. Image via Math Munch.

In the case of our Geo 10 cement tile design, we have four overlapping/interlocking circles. According to John Lockerbie of catnaps.org, "It is a common pattern in Arabic and Islamic geometrical design work. The sinuous lines have equal weight and the spaces contained by the lines are equal in their visual weight, though alternate shapes appear set at right angles in a regular pattern."

Avente Tile's Geo 10 cement tile pattern features interlocking circles.
Avente Tile's Geo 10 cement tile pattern features interlocking circles.

Interestingly, circles and curves seem to dominate Islamic arts and culture, from calligraphy to cursive writing to interlocking circles. With the interlocking circle pattern, the Flower of Life holds the most meaning as it depicts the basic molecular beginning of life. According to Andrew Monkman's post Sacred Geometry - Flower of Life, "The most common form of the 'Flower of Life' is a hexagonal pattern (where the center of each circle is on the circumference of six surrounding circles of the same diameter), made up of 19 complete circles and 36 partial circular arcs, enclosed by a large circle.

The Flower of Life pattern contains a vast Akashic system of information.
"Indelibly etched on the walls of temple of the Osirion at Abydos, Egypt, the Flower of Life contains a vast Akashic system of information, including templates for the five Platonic Solids." Image via Sacred Geometry.

A slightly modified version of this pattern can be found in our Geometric Moroccan Circle pattern:

Avente Tile's Geometric Moroccan Circle tile pattern,

Taking the interlocking circle element even further is Avente's Geo 35 pattern with its more modern version of an ancient pattern.

Avente Tile's Geo 35 cement tile pattern.
Avente Tile's Geo 35 cement tile pattern.

As you can see, Avente's Geometric line, or Geo Cement Tiles, pay distinct homage to the time-tested and centuries-old interlocking circle patterns found throughout all Islamic art forms.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Glazed Bricks Provide Versatility for Classic to Contemporary Design

Our newest line of tile takes its cue from simplicity and ease. If you like the classic look of subway tile, then you're to love the look of our Glazed Brick series. This versatile line is great for backsplashes and walls for both residential and commercial applications.

Avente Tile's Glazed Thin Brick comes in six colors.
Avente Tile's Glazed Thin Brick comes in six colors.

Pick a Color or Use Them All!
Our glazed think brick is available in six colors: cinnamon, mustard, pewter, storm, white, and washed. Use a single color or use both whites for a tranquil, contemporary design. However, because I love color, I think the tiles are most captivating when an array of colors is used to create a mosaic.


Our Glazed Brick is in stock and ready to ship. It is frost-resistant; but, not frost proof. As with all of our hand-glazed items, natural variation is inherent in color, texture and finish. Approximate dimensions are: 2-1/4" x 9-1/4" x 3/4"-thick.

Horizontal Glazed Brick Layouts
Classic and timeless, horizontal layouts honor the love of subway tiles. Keep it simple with a basic offset, or add interest with a quarter offset layout. The stacked pattern offers clean lines, which works well with contemporary designs.

Offset Tile Layout for Glazed Thin Brick
1/4 Offset Tile Layout for Thin Glazed Brick
1/4 Offset
Straight Set Tile Layout for Thin Glazed Brick
Straight Set

Vertical Glazed Brick Layouts
Newer and bolder, the upward orientation of vertical layouts provide the illusion of height or can be used to create striped designs with two or more colors. Staggered or off-set vertical arrangements lead the eye upward and can make a short galley kitchen with low ceilings appear larger and slightly more expansive.

1/4 Vertical Offset Tile Layout for Thin Glazed Brick
1/4 Vertical Offset
Vertical Offset Tile Layout for Thin Glazed Brick
Vertical Offset
Vertical Straight Set Tile Layout for Thin Glazed Brick
Vertical Straight Set
Herringbone Layout for Thin Glazed Brick
Handsome and sophisticated, the woven look of a herringbone pattern offers texture and distinctive style. It's a great look for a bathroom wall or kitchen backsplash.

Herringbone Tile Layout for Thin Glazed Brick

Our new line of thin Glazed Bricks in six colors is a great way to achieve the cherished look of subway tile. But, the natural variation of color from hand-glazing, combined with the texture from the brick, will add interest and a new twist to your design. See our new line of thin Glazed Bricks today!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cement Tile Rug Creates a Welcoming, Warm Patio

A centered rug pattern with border in a warm palette welcomes guests.
A centered rug pattern with border in a warm palette welcomes guests.

The stunning pattern of our Traditional Alcala cement tile series, in a custom colorway, creates a spectacular entry for this Southern California home. The owners wanted to showcase the front porch of their home with a dramatic cement tile pattern and border using warm colors and earth tones that were not only complementary to their own home, but also to their historic neighborhood.

The border, which effortlessly frames the 8"x8" Traditional Alcala cement tile pattern rather nicely, can be used to accentuate a room or hallway. This particular installation shows how the traditional method of using cement tiles can create a focal point in any area.

The colors used in this pattern are:


Blonde Wood

Indian Red


You can use these colors, or get creative by designing your own color scheme. Choose from any of the 80+ Heritage Cement Tile colors we offer.

Tips for Creating a Cement Tile Rug

Handcrafted cement tiles are capable of grabbing the attention of anyone who enters your home from the moment the front door is opened. The key to creating a long-lasting, successful cement tile rug is planning, and a good sketch or drawing done to scale showing the placement of the tiles. Read more about How to Create a Cement Tile Rug Design.

Handmade cement tile will not wear ragged over time - it only gets better! With a range of design possibilities, whether bold Cuban tile patterns in contrasting colors or classic cement patterns in harmonizing colors, handmade cement tiles will transform any space! See our new Guide to Buying Handmade Cement Tile to get started today!

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Seasonal Harvests

Wine Cellars
Wine / Vineyards
"Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing." - Ernest Hemingway

Now that summer is nearly over, it.'s almost time for harvesting the grapes that will, in good time, make it to your table to enjoy with a weekly meal, or to enjoy with friends and guests during the weekend. It takes years for a wine to truly develop into something to be savored, and yes, even admired.

The same could be said for our handmade cement tiles. Just like a fine wine, they too initially need time and care to develop into a long-lasting product - all before it arrives at your front door, ready to be installed.

Cheers, and enjoy the last weeks of summer!

Capture Summer Sun & Savings with our Valencia tile

Hand Painted Spanish Tile Listello

Capture the warm, golden sun and clear blue skies of summer with tile inspired from classic Spanish patterns. Our hand-painted, glazed ceramic Valencia Spanish tile makes a great kitchen listello or backsplash. It's also stunning when used for decorative stair risers.
Hand Painted Spanish Tile - Valencia PatternOur Spanish Valencia 6"x6" Ceramic Tile is part of our extensive Spanish Ceramic tile collection. With its historical Spanish pattern and colors, Valencia is created using traditional Majolica glazing techniques. The patterns, which are hand-brushed by the tile artist, are a perfect complement to outdoor living areas too, such as pools and fountains.

Turn the ordinary into extraordinary by using Spanish ceramic tile for your walls and backsplashes. To sweeten the deal, we're offering 10% off any Valencia 6"x6" purchase made during September. Discount applies only to stock on hand. You must place your order over the phone and mention the "SUMMER" coupon code at the time of purchase.