Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two Deer Murals with an Arts & Craft Feel

These unique tile deer murals have an "Arts & Craft" period feel. The murals are created on a terra cotta floor tile also referred to as Metropolitan Quarry. Each tile is hand-painted with a resist design and covered with differed hand-mixed glazes. During firing, the resist burns off and the colors separate. The result is stunning and leaves a slight relief on each tile. Each tile is created using renewable energy power.

Deer in Moonlight
4-Piece Mural - 16" x 16"
Rosewood Colorway

Deer in Moonlight
10-Piece Mural - 16" x 40"
Rosewood Colorway

Custom tile designs in custom colors and shapes are also available from Avente Tile. Please note that glaze colors vary because of clay materials and firing techniques. This gives your custom hand-painted tile murals a unique look and lasting beauty.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Three Great Garden Murals

Three new fruit-and-vegetable-themed murals are available. Completed in relief, these handcrafted murals display exquisite attention to detail. These murals, made in the United States by an artisan that understands the craft of tile making, show the importance of detail learned through painting.

The murals come in a matte finish and perfectly pair with natural stone like travertine or granite. The intricate details create artwork that is timely, lasting, beautiful and functional.

Summer Harvest Mural 8" x 23"

Plentiful Basket Mural 20" x 26"

Fruit Basket Mural 18" x 18"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Use Different Decorative Tiles on a Stair Riser

Use different decorative tiles on a staircase. You don't have to use the same tile for all the risers. You can even use different designs on the same riser. Try various, complementary designs and patterns until you find one that works well. See how creative you can be!

different designs on the same riser
Different Tile Designs on the Same Stair Riser

Consider using:

  • A different pattern on each row. For instance, one row is Caceres; the other Cadiz.
  • A few designs and alternating them on each row.
  • Different designs on the same riser. Teruel, Alcala, and Andalucia look great next to each another on the same row.
  • Two rows of 3"x6" tiles instead of a single row of 6"x6.
  • Cement tiles for the stair riser, instead of decorative tiles. You can customize the colors and designs.
  • Include a vertical or horizontal "spacer row" that utilizes a 2"x2" of the same design.

Our slide show of stair riser installations displays some of these great ideas.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cement Tiles Work Well for a Fireplace Surround

detail showing cement tile on fireplace surround Did you know that in addition to being a durable flooring solution, cement tiles are great on walls? Cement or encaustic tiles, like our Cuban Heritage line, create stunning backsplashes and bath surrounds. The stylized designs fashion beautiful accent borders for the hearth. Cement tiles are a creative and flexible product! Use them from "floor level" to "chair rail" height as a stunning alternative to beadboard or wallpaper.

cement tile on fireplace surroundspacerUsing cement tile to surround a fireplace is a fantastic way to add visual appeal to your space. Available in multiple patterns and a broad color palette, cement tiles help create a dramatic focal point that will pull a room's theme together.

In this design, notice how well the gray and white border pattern of the cement tiles effortlessly blends with the marble hearth and mantle. Using a grayscale color palette, or monochromatic color scheme, creates a look that is understated, yet beautiful. Because no specific design element will stand out over another, all aspects of the space work together to create a seamless and cohesive look.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Is in a Name?

Never heard of cement tile? Maybe you have. These durable, beautiful tiles go by many names.

Alcala 8"x8" Cement Tile Installation

Here are just a few common names that these tiles go by:

Cement Tiles

Hydraulic Tile

Encaustic Tile

Cuban Tiles

Barcelona Tile

Redondo Tile

Mission Tile

Portugese tegels

Mosaicos Hidraulicos, Ladrilhos Hidraulicos, Baldosas Hidraulicas, (in Spanish)

Carreaux de Ciment or carrelages du ciment (in French)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cuban Heritage Cement Tiles

The design possibilities of cement tiles are limitless. Existing patterns can be modified, new colors created, and new designs fashioned. Although a great advantage is the flexibility of these tiles, it can also be frustrating and overwhelming if you aren't an interior designer or have a budget for an architecture firm to develop a cohesive design.

Tile Grouping - Cuban Heritage Design 150-1A Cement Tile
Cuban Heritage Design 150 1A 8" x 8" Cement Tile Grouping

Avente offers the Cuban Heritage Collection as an ideal tile solution if you are want a design that is pret-a-porter. This assortment of 8" x 8" cement floor tiles revives colors and designs from historic buildings in Havana and Camaguey. Each design or pattern comes in three colorways. One uses the traditional, original colors; the other two sport colors that are more contemporary.

These flooring tiles have showy, elaborate patterns and strong colors. Many designs use prominent double borders, which really set-off a room. Use these gorgeous handcrafted cement tiles and bring the historic feel and beauty into your home today!