Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cuban Heritage Cement Tiles

The design possibilities of cement tiles are limitless. Existing patterns can be modified, new colors created, and new designs fashioned. Although a great advantage is the flexibility of these tiles, it can also be frustrating and overwhelming if you aren't an interior designer or have a budget for an architecture firm to develop a cohesive design.

Tile Grouping - Cuban Heritage Design 150-1A Cement Tile
Cuban Heritage Design 150 1A 8" x 8" Cement Tile Grouping

Avente offers the Cuban Heritage Collection as an ideal tile solution if you are want a design that is pret-a-porter. This assortment of 8" x 8" cement floor tiles revives colors and designs from historic buildings in Havana and Camaguey. Each design or pattern comes in three colorways. One uses the traditional, original colors; the other two sport colors that are more contemporary.

These flooring tiles have showy, elaborate patterns and strong colors. Many designs use prominent double borders, which really set-off a room. Use these gorgeous handcrafted cement tiles and bring the historic feel and beauty into your home today!

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