Monday, March 16, 2009

Use Different Decorative Tiles on a Stair Riser

Use different decorative tiles on a staircase. You don't have to use the same tile for all the risers. You can even use different designs on the same riser. Try various, complementary designs and patterns until you find one that works well. See how creative you can be!

different designs on the same riser
Different Tile Designs on the Same Stair Riser

Consider using:

  • A different pattern on each row. For instance, one row is Caceres; the other Cadiz.
  • A few designs and alternating them on each row.
  • Different designs on the same riser. Teruel, Alcala, and Andalucia look great next to each another on the same row.
  • Two rows of 3"x6" tiles instead of a single row of 6"x6.
  • Cement tiles for the stair riser, instead of decorative tiles. You can customize the colors and designs.
  • Include a vertical or horizontal "spacer row" that utilizes a 2"x2" of the same design.

Our slide show of stair riser installations displays some of these great ideas.

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