Friday, September 11, 2009

Design Tip: When to Use Borders with Cement Tile

Many of our cement tile designs come with border and corner patterns that "frame" the main pattern area. For example, our Cuban Heritage Design 110 (shown below) has two rows of tiles that make the double border." The primary pattern is made by alternating a grouping of four tiles that create the medallion and four tiles that create the cross. This main pattern is used consistently on the rest of the floor (or field).

Cuban Heritage Design 110

Use a border if:

  1. The room is fairly large. You want to border to set-off the main design not crowd or change. For small rooms, don't use a border and use the same tile pattern to the edge of the room.
  2. The room is symmetrical or you make the border symmetrical within the room. Otherwise, the border will become complex and confusing and not frame the space.

Here is a stunning example of using a border with the Cuban Heritage Design 110 in a large office.

Visit the Design Ideas section of our web site to see more installation photos of this great product!

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