Friday, May 15, 2009

Solid Color Cement Tiles Make Great Flooring

Are you timid about using the colorful stylistic designs and bold patterns found in cement tiles? You might consider using solid color cement tiles or "field tiles". Avente offers over 90 colors in its existing palette. Custom colors can be created too! Cement tiles in solid colors make great flooring designs.

Here are few great ideas to help:

  1. Use a single color throughout, the slight variation in shade from a handcrafted tile adds subtle sophistication.

  2. Create a checkerboard using high contrast colors that create a bold effect. Run the pattern wall-to-wall or frame it with a border in the center of the room.

  3. Frame a solid color field with a decorative border; keeping the design simple but not over-powering.

  4. Create a border using a single row of tiles around a solid color field tile "on point." Trim everything outside the border with the same color you used inside the border or add a third color to the scheme. Here a decorative border was used; but, you get the idea!

Our design ideas are a virtual showroom that can help! Or, contact us directly with your questions. Just call Avente Tile toll-free at 888.739.4972.  

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