Friday, December 5, 2008

A Green Product: Cement Tiles

There is a big push to use "Green Building Products" and cement tiles are a product that is definitely "green." Although there is no signle universal authority that provides the "green" stamp of approval; cement tiles can be classified as green because:

  • Cement tiles are hand-made and are not kiln-fired like traditional ceramic tiles. There is very little energy used in the manufacturing process other than human energy.
  • Since they are not kiln-fired there is no combustion of fossil fuels and no green house gases are produced.
  • Cement tiles, like most cementitious products, is made of commonly found, natural occurring compounds like limestone, certain clay minerals, and gypsum. These hydraulic cement products are plentiful and not considered "harsh chemicals" that can damage the environment.
  • Since each tile is handmade, a large labor force is required distributing wealth among a large group of families in developing countries.

Consider cement tiles for the durability, and exquisite design possibilities; but, don't forget they are green product!

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