Friday, March 12, 2010

Making Cement Tiles

Cement tiles are hand made using a traditional manufacturing process and follows these steps:

  1. The color layer is prepared using a mixture of marble powder, white cement and other minerals including pigments.
  2. The color mixture is hand poured into the molds.
    • Solid color cement tiles only have an outer "picture frame" mold that provides the shape for the tile body which is usually square but can be rectangular or hexagonal.
    • Patterned cement tiles have an additional mold that fits inside the outer frame. Different colors are poured into each segment of the mold to form the pattern.
  3. The patterned mold is removed.
  4. A layer of cement is sprinkled on top, thus providing a bond between the color layer and the body of the tile.
  5. A layer of cement and sand then creates the tile body.
  6. The tile is hydraulically pressed into shape to increase density. This is why the tiles are sometimes called hydraulic tiles.
  7. The tile is turned out cured underwater to create extra hardness.
  8. After air drying for a few weeks, the tiles is complete.

Watch Cement Tiles Being Made
Check out our videos and watch patterned cement tile and solid color cement tile being made.

Making Patterned Cement Tile

Making Solid Color Cement Tile

Solid Color and Patterned Cement Tile from Avente
Avente Tile offers a complete line of solid color and patterned cement tiles. Choose from geometric designs and stylistic floral patterns in traditional and contemporary colors. Solid color tiles are available in approximately 80 colors. Some patterns are stocked for quick delivery. View our online catalog of designs:

How to Find Out More
To find out more about cement tile, call us toll free at 888.739.4972, 9 AM - 5 PM PST, Monday through Friday. Or, by e-mail:

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