Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tips for a Contemporary Look Using Cement Tiles

I often hear that patterned cement tiles are "old fashioned" and can't create a contemporary look. It's one myth that I'd like to debunk.

The Serengeti pattern from Avente's Classic Cement Tile collection provides an exotic, contemporary feel that is timeless in its classic two-color pallet. This dining room floor is an elegant and contemporary focal point for this resort restaurant.

Serengeti Cement Tile Installation

Notice how the tiles are "mismatched" so that the light color cream is juxtaposed to black in the neighboring tile. Compare to the Serengeti pattern shown below. Also, the pattern runs the entire room without a border.

Serengeti Cement Tile & Pattern

This bright corporate bathroom uses a classic Cuban Heritage Pattern in the bold, contemporary colors of Turquoise, Brown, and Caribbean Blue. The tile is used on the floor, wall, and ceiling for a very modern and cool feel. Here a border is used between the wall and floor joints to provide a boundary and transition.

Cuban Heritage Design 140 Cement Tile Bathroom Installation

These two examples show cement tiles creating a contemporary style and mood. If you love cement tiles and want to use them in a contemporary setting, here's a few tips that might help.

To create a more contemporary look using cement tiles:

  1. Limit your choices to a few colors.
  2. Choose simple patterns that use just a few colors in a contemporary pallet.
  3. Install patterns so they run to the edge of the room.
  4. Use a border at the edge of a room if you are installing the same pattern on vertical and horizontal surfaces to provide a transition.
  5. On simple geometric patterns, try "mismatching" the dark and light colors on neighboring tile. This works well for high-contrast tiles.

Avente Tile has a great selection of cement tiles. We stock many tiles for quick shipping. We love to talk tile! Contact us at 888.739.4972 (9-5 PST M-F) or at info@AventeLLC.com with questions about using cement tiles in your installation.




Ms. Voigt said...

Excellent point! I find that people sometimes think of cement tile only in terms of a colonial look--and they are perfect for that--but they are also quite versatile. As you point out in your post.
Also, there isn't any reason to use patterns at all if people like the monochromatic look. Cement tiles still provide that handmade, slightly irregular look that keep things natural looking.
I'm partial to a patchwork of solid cement tiles in various warm colors.

Unknown said...

Hey there, great post. People often think/believe that contemporary = no patterns and no colors. I like how you show that, yes, contemporary doesn't have to mean neutral and boring. This girl likes color and patterns, which will be a hallmark of mine as an interior designer.

Catch ya later!

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

Both pictures are absolutely beautiful.

Avente Tile said...

Zoe: Thanks for pointing out how well solid color cement tiles can provide a contemporary feel.

Marilyn: So glad to hear you aren't afraid of patterns for your designs. And, I know how you love color!

Steph: Glad you liked the photos!