Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hand Painted Field Tile Lend Beauty and Durability

With all the decorative tile at Avente, it's easy to forget that field tile can lend your living space the same warmth and originality. Avente's Yucatan tile is made-to-order by craftspeople dedicated to a tradition of functional, natural beauty.

First, let's take a second to define "field tile." Field Tile is tile found in the main field or area of the installation covering the wall, floor or countertop. Field tile are usually a solid color or lack a specific design or pattern which distinguishes them from decorative or "deco tile." These three installations will help you understand when you need to consider a high-quality hand painted artisan field tile for your project.

Granite Counter with Yucatan Chamois & Deco Dots


Outdoor Patio Countertop of Yucatan Blue Celadon


Deco Tiles with Yucatan Cobalt Pencil Trim & Molding


All three installations appeal to a different aesthetic; but look great! But, that didn't happen by chance. In each installation, a designer chose a tile with the right material requirements and design elements to work with the other surfaces. (Hint: If you need a good designer contact Paul Anater of Kitchen and Residential Design.)

Here's some design tips on when to use quality field tile

  1. Use Yucatan Field Tiles with natural stone because the hand-painted tiles create a rich, complex glaze that is not a single color.

  2. The Yucatan Tiles are ideal where the tiled surface must be durable and chip-free like kitchen counters, spas or floor entryways. These tiles are vitreous meaning the tile body is very dense with less than 3% water absorption. The tiles are frost proof and ideal for wet areas such as pools and spas.

  3. Hand painted field tile works well with decorative tile because of the variation in glaze colors. Also, our Yucatan Tiles are available in all sorts of sizes from dots to 6"x6" including trim, molding and liners! With over 50 glazes, we can find a color to work with your design. We keep sample stock of most glazes and can get additional pieces within two weeks.

To help you get more acquainted with this versatile line, we are offering 15% off all Yucatan tile purchases through October 31, 2010. Mention the "Fall Special" when placing your phone order. Offer not valid with any other discounts or coupons.


Building Moxie said...

timely for me - have spent the last few weekends trying different layouts "above" my granite. I feel like i need some sort of more monotone tile (like a slate) to make the transition off the counter surface, but I need to let that go I think -- A good decorative backsplash is harder than it looks - I think my wife and I have agreed that we have to tendency to want to over design it. like cram two many different elements in . . . need to get over that too. I'll get it soon enough. thanks for the post. jb @BMoxieBMore

Bill Buyok said...

Glad you found the post useful and timely. A good decorative backsplash is hard to achieve because it involves balance. You are doing everything right, like picking your counter-top first & placing samples/patterns in your home. Notice in the first example, that the counter-top takes center stage and the backsplash is a great supporting cast?

Design Tip: Always pick your counter-top before the backsplash. Make sure the two complement each other. Don't draw attention away from a stunning counter-top with a busy background. Or, if the counter-top is plain or simple, then create a backsplash that is the focal point.

Hope that helps and good luck. You'll have to share some photos when you are done.