Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stuck in the 60's? A Bathroom for the Morning Person

"Stuck in the 60's"? I don't think so. The abundance of exciting new products for the bath environment available today allow for a bathroom that can be inspirational as well as functional. You may remember, I'm not a morning person. I've already described how my bathroom, in a previous post, jump-starts my day and and inspires me to face the new day with energy and eagerness. Stuck in the 60's? Not in this Bathroom!

Contemporary Bathroom Mix contemporary bathroom

Not everybody is as groggy as I am in the morning. Not everybody wants or needs as much stimulation as I do to get going each day. The Morning Person jumps out of bed already fully awake and ready to start their day. Annoying as that is to grumpy risers like me, shouldn't the Morning Person also be revitalized and have an attitude shift as they stride into their bathroom? Actually they do not need an attitude shift, they want an attitude confirmation. I'm OK, you're OK, the world's OK and my bathroom is wonderful! The MP is revitalized by the serenity and comfort of their bath space. Soothing, reaffirming and beautifully harmonious. No jarring contrasts for them. Soft or neutral colors for the tile or stone surfaces create a tranquil background that sets the mood for a pleasant start to the day. While I want shine and refection, the MP finds a matte or satiny surface more agreeable. Bath fittings and fixtures blend in with the tiled surfaces for a unified design theme. Everything in its place. While I say, "Hello new day, I'm ready", the Morning Person says, "Hello new day, all's well with the world". And we both love our bathrooms.

California Cool in the Castro-Bathroom modern bathroom

Bathroom essentials for the Morning Person:

  • Walls surfaced in tile, glass or stone in neutral or soft colors that become a soothing background.
  • Floors tiled to blend in with the walls. Stone mosaics are nice in a honed finish.
  • Little or no contrasts in color and surface texture. Surfaces are non-reflective.
  • Soft lighting combined with appropriate task lighting.
  • A tub for relaxing (tubs are not for me, they make me fall asleep…) and fittings that blend with surfaces.
  • A place for their candle collection.

Master Bath traditional bathroom

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Sunny McLean has been in the tile and bath industry for over 30 years. She is the author of The Basics, a workbook for the service-oriented tile and bath showroom and has recently designed a tile line for McIntyre Tile called Streamline. To find out more about Sunny, visit her website at SunnyMcLean.com. You may purchase The Basics at TileHeritage.org.

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Fun and Fit: Kymberly and Alexandra said...

You're not a morning person?! I should say not! Remember when I had to cajole (okay, taunt) you into getting up on the infamous shoe tub blog off day? Well, I never!
Where does an attitude confrontation fit in to this particular bathroom?

Bill Buyok said...

Alexandra, You want to avoid confrontation with your bathroom at all costs. Make it work with your style! If there is confrontation, it is time for a re-model!

Unknown said...

Who woud love to wake to a bathroom like this in the morning. me me me!!!

Metropolitan Tile Depot said...
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CB Whittemore said...

How soothingly gorgeous! Thank you...


Sunny McLean said...

Marilyn, which one, which one, which one??? Or if you won the raffle would you take any of the "Morning Person's" bathrooms shown? But for sure, we know that you like the mood and experience created in these beautiful examples. I like them too, obviously, but I would not choose them personally, non-morning person that I am.

Sunny McLean said...

C.B. you used the right word. "Soothing" is perfectly descriptive of how the owner of any of these bathrooms should feel. I love that you are Chief Simplifier - simply choosing what is right for you makes life lovely.