Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Four Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

Even here in Los Angeles, fall is in the air with the cooler days and crisp nights. When the days get colder, there is nothing better than warming up to a fire in the hearth with friends. Make your fireplace the focal point of the room with hand painted tiles. Here's four tile fireplace surrounds that use beautiful hand painted ceramic tile.

#1. Make a statement with a mosaic tile fireplace surround.

Kira's Meadow is a relief tile mosaic that can be used for the entire hearth or framed with field tile, molding or relief tile to set-off a specific section of the fireplace. Each mural is custom made and unique - you can can even pick some of the inset pieces for your own unique theme! The mural comes in sections that are mesh-mounted and easy to install. Each piece is a truly unique artistic mosaic.

Kira's Meadow Mosaic Fireplace
Kira's Meadow Mosaic Fireplace

Sculptural Relief Kira's Meadow Mosaic
Kira's Meadow Mosaic Detail

#2. Use hand painted decorative tiles as hearth accents.

Just a few hand painted decorative tiles can make a big impact. Use them along the front of the fireplace in just a few locations or on the hearth bench, if there is one. Here, eight Spanish Teruel 6"x6" tiles are laid out symmetrically on the face of the fireplace. They add warmth and create an inviting and charming look.

Teruel Spanish Tile Fireplace
Teruel Spanish Tile Fireplace

#3. Create a border around the firebox with hand painted tiles.

A row of 4"x4", 6"x6", 3"x6" or dot tiles around the firebox creates an eye-catching look. Here, a row of 4"x4" Spanish Adalucia tiles is placed next to a row of 3"x6" Spanish Adalucia border tiles. The border tiles are cut to use only the dark pink and willow green color accents that the designer wanted.

Andalucia Spanish Tile Fireplace
Andalucia Spanish Tile Fireplace

Andalucia Spanish Tile 3x6
3x6 Andalucia Tile Detail
Only the bottom part was used for the firebox (above).

#4. Use decorative tiles to create a medallion for the chimney.

Create a medallion on the chimney or above the hearth by grouping decorative tiles. In this design, four 6"x6" Celtic tiles form a Moorish Star pattern. Quarter design tiles are perfect for creating accent medallions set-off from field tile. The Celtic line is great if you want to achieve a stone-look using ceramic tiles. The Celtic line come in two finishes: Botticino and Cedar.

Celtic Moorish Star Accent for Fireplace
Celtic Moorish Star Accent for Fireplace

Celtic Moorish Star in Cedar
Celtic Moorish Star in Cedar 6" x 6" Quarter Design

You can get more fireplace tile ideas from our friends at houzz.com and don't miss Fall Fixes: Get Your Fireplace Cold-Weather Ready. Do you have a favorite fireplace tile or hearth tile design?


anonymous said...

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Fun and Fit: Kymberly and Alexandra said...

Oh my, those first two are just so gorgeous. I want to have a really big house with two fireplaces now! And maybe live far from LA where the weather gets below 60.