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Tile Talk Newsletter - January 2012

Ring in the New Year with Malibu Tile!

Happy New Year! As you finalize your list of resolutions and un-deck the halls, don't forget to ring in the new year with tile! We're celebrating with our newest edition of hand painted artisan Malibu tiles. The patterns, colors and glazes pay homage to Malibu Potteries of California.

Zuma A Malibu Tile Zuma B Malibu Tile Del Norte B Malibu Tile Estrella B Malibu Tile
Zuma A Zuma B Del Norte B Estrella B

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The decorative tile patterns include liner tiles for creating borders (Flora A, Flora B, Faro A, Faro B), complete patterns for insets, stair risers, and back splashes and quarter designs (Floris A and Floris B) for larger spaces and murals.

Carrillo B Malibu Tile Catalina A Malibu Tile Flora A Malibu Tile Kanan A Malibu Tile
Carrillo B Catalina A Flora A Kanan A

>> See the collection of Malibu Tiles

The tiles are available in a 6"x6", 4"x4" and 3"x3" format. Currently, only the 6"x6" tiles are available on our online catalog. The other sizes are scaled versions of the same pattern. Most patterns are available in two colorways.

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Project Pick: Teruel Kitchen Backsplash

Teruel Kitchen Backsplash
Teruel Kitchen Backsplash

This month's project pick photo shows how an Avente Tile customer created a kitchen backsplash using the Teruel Pattern from our classic Spanish line. This classic Spanish patterns was laid 'on point' or the diagonal using the Teruel 6"x6" format. The bright blue pattern has a stylistic flower pattern with deep burgundy and yellow accents. An interesting cross-hatch pattern is created with the tile's border when laid on point that complements the light cross hatch pattern on each individual tile. I love the pattern created with these tiles! Notice how a blue color scheme is created with the bright blue bottles? And, doesn't the tile really complement this color?

Hand Painted Spanish Tile - Teruel Pattern
Hand Painted Spanish Tile
Teruel 6"x6" Pattern

Other Spanish Teruel Formats

Hand Painted Spanish Tile: Teruel 4x4 Hand Painted Spanish Tile: Teruel 3x6 Hand Painted Spanish Tile: Teruel 3x3 Hand Painted Spanish Tile: Teruel 2x2
Teruel 4"x4" Teruel 3"x6" Liner Teruel 3"x3" Corner Teruel 2"x2" Dot

The Spanish line is a classic collection of traditional patterns. Each pattern has tile in these formats: 3"x3" corners, 3"x6" border tiles or liners, 6"x6" tiles, 4"x4" tiles, 2"x2" and 1.5"x1.5" dots. Because of the different formats that are available, it's easy to create a design for any room using these lines. If you like bold patterns, use the 6"x6" or 4"x4" tiles for an entire backsplash. Or, create a simple accent using 3"x6" liners with an accent field tile. Or, add the dots as accents to field tile laid on point.

Tile Tip:

Use decorative tiles accents with terracotta or stone pavers. A repeating offset pattern is a great way to add color and interest to your floor. Select a variety of decorative tiles from our Malibu, Barcelona, Spanish, or Portuguese tile lines. You can even mix or match from different lines for a more modern look.

The decorative inset tile should be about one third the length of the paver. For instance, if you are installing 12"x12" pavers, use 4"x4" deco tiles for the inset pattern; use 2" dots for 6"x6" pavers.

Decorative Tiles work well with floor pavers in an off-sett pattern
Deco tiles insets are used in this offset pattern

See other great ways to use decorative tiles in our recent post about Four Ways to Use Hand Painted Tiles.


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