Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Using Cement Tile Borders

If you want to achieve the classic look of a "tile rug" on your floor, you will need a border. The border tiles should frame the patterned field tile or solid color tile. The border needs to provide interest without interrupting the geometry of the field tile. Today, I'll show you several different ways to create borders with cement tiles.

Cuban Heritage Design 210 Cement Tile
Cuban Heritage Design 210 Cement Tile with Single Border

Cuban Heritage Cement Tile Design 210 in an alternate color way is shown here with a single border.

Use Patterns with Existing Borders

Many patterns are designed with a border or double border. Single border tiles utilize a single row of tiles around the pattern and generally include a corner piece in the design. Double borders require two rows of tiles and work best in large, traditional spaces. Double borders in Cuban Tile patterns occur frequently because they work well bold colors and elaborate patterns. A single row of border tiles is ideal for smaller spaces like residential hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms. Existing border patterns achieve that done-by-a-designer look with ease.

Mix and Match Cement Tile Border Patterns

If a pattern you love doesn't have a border, consider using a complementary border from another pattern. You can mix and match field patterns with border patterns and achieve a great look. In this design from an Avente customer, the Sosua Cement Tile is framed with Bayahibe Border Tile to create a traditional rug design.

Mix and Match Border Patterns that Compliment the Field Tile
Mix and Match Border Patterns that Compliment the Field Tile

Traditional Cement Tile borders a Geometric Field Tile
Traditional Constanza Cement Tile borders
a field of Geometric 10 Cement Tile

Cement Tile borders
Traditional Manzanillo Cement Tile flanked by
San Juan Cement Tile

Combine Different Border Patterns

Be creative and have fun. Combine different cement tile border patterns to create a lot of interest around the edge of a room. This idea works well for a dining room where a large table might hide much of the pattern. In this installation, Puerto Plata Cement Tile border is used on the outer/inner design border run and the Cuban Heritage Design 120 is used on the inside border creating the circle design pattern.

Multiple Cement Tile Borders Create Interest
Combine Multiple Cement Tile Borders for Interest

Cement Tile Border Tiles

Here's a ferw border patterns are popular and can be used around solid color tile or patterned tile.

Toledo Border Cement Tile
Toledo Border Cement Tile

Yuna Border Cement Tile
Yuna Border Cement Tile

Hope you found some border inspiration for your cement tile project!

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