Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Variety, versatility and longevity- Tile

I've been a fan of tile for a long time and as the title says for variety, versatility and it's longevity. These are key components in any lasting project that you are going to undertake and as a builder, I am able to see and implement many aspects of a project and one of the materials that is so interesting is tile. There are so many various types and styles to choose from that it can be overwhelming yet with that comes a whole line of possibilities that other materials can't offer. Not to mention that they can used used almost anywhere in a home from floors to walls, baths, countertops and even outside for patios and by the pool. The possibilities are almost endless so let's look at the three topics that I mentioned.


Hand painted ceramic tile

Marble tile

Porcelain tile blue pattern

Glass for tile

Hopefully, not to miss any:
 The choice of material is really a matter of what you like and the application that you will be using it for but the variety and depth of the products offered is amazing today. Finding the tile that suits your project, budget, use and style is merely a matter of searching.


Now as to versatility! 
If you look at all the places that tile can be used in a home from floors to walls to baths and kitchens you may even be tempted to use them everywhere. They can be mixed to form a beautiful look in a bathroom as shown below.

Tiled bathroom from Tile of Spain

They can be used to create stunning walls that you'll admire for years to come as will anyone that sees them.
Tiled leaf wall

As technology advances materials can be also be mixed creating stunning pieces that mix wood and tile, two products that have never been this closely tied together in the same sentence. This can even be used in a shower installation.

Tile and wood

What about tile that looks like wood? 

Tile can be used in traditional homes and look perfectly at home.

                                    Eclectic Kitchen design by Philadelphia General Contractor Kenny Grono

Tile can accent and enhance almost any surface into a work of art.
                                                Eclectic Bathroom design by Melbourne Interior Designer 
                                                                            Camilla Molders

There really aren't too many places that tile can't be successfully used to make any surface and room stand out.  Close your eyes for a second- imagine and dream, think of a room, wall, floor, kitchen or ....
Are you seeing how you could make it even better with tile?


Tile has a proven longevity. All you have to do is look through history and you can find wonderful examples that have survived for thousands of years. It has been proven to provide a lasting surface as well as remain a beautiful way to enhance almost any surface. What will people in the coming era's say of the tile now? I really don't know but it will still be here and is changing all the time to include new techniques and styles that will be a joy to have and use today as well as for ages to come.

The Joy of Tile!

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