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The Buyer's Guide to Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are materials that can add glamor and value to any part of your home. Although initial cost can be expensive, these tiles are easy to maintain and can stand the test of time. If you are considering this flooring option, this article provides valuable tips and important considerations on ceramic tiles.

The Buyer's Guide to Ceramic Tiles

1. Durability

There are different types of ceramic tiles and each one has its own tolerance to the temperature of the room and exposure to dirt and stains. In general, ceramic tiles are durable. However, to achieve the longest possible life, it is advisable to regularly sweep the floor and maintain a clean and sanitary tile surface. When there are stains, you can apply water mixed with vinegar or friendly detergents that won’t strip the glaze off the tiles.

2. Maintenance

As mentioned in the intro, ceramic tiles are pretty easy to maintain but removing and replacing them are hard. When one tile is damaged, you should buy an equally matching tile to replace it and go to the store where you first bought it or find one that specializes in creating custom-made tiles to fit the original design, size and shape of the ceramic tile.

3. Cost

Ceramic tiles are usually quite pricey so expect to splurge a bit when buying pieces. The cost is directly tantamount to the complexity of the design, life cycle of the material used and also the durability guaranteed by its manufacturer. Also take into account the cost of installation required as you can’t install the tiles on your own if you’re not expert in this. Installation is often charged per square foot including some factors like location and the size of the area.

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