Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Cement or Ceramic Tiles

Artist Series Candido Bido Espiral 10 x 10
Dominican artist Cándido Bidó is the creative force behind the bold Espiral cement tile.

Summer is now in full-swing with vacations, short getaways, daily outings, and entertaining outdoors with friends and family members alike. If you're like us, you love to hear the chatter and laughter of a house full of people, especially when a day time gathering spills over into the evening. Similar to the inside of your home, your outdoor space should also reflect your personality and décor style. We have just the right solution for you - ceramic and cement tiles in a multitude of colors, shapes, and motifs.

Whether you choose a solid-colored tile, or decide to use patterned tiles for the stairs or stair risers, walkway, water feature, outdoor wall mural, or patio, you can be sure you'll be adding long-lasting, and beautiful aesthetic value to your space.

Our handmade cement tiles offer a range of design possibilities. We offer everything from vibrant Cuban tile patterns in contrasting colors, or soothing classic cement patterns in harmonizing colors. Or, pick a pleasing plain tile in your favorite color and enhance with a border to create a tile rug. Regardless of your choice, the end result will transform any outdoor living space into something you would be proud to entertain in or for alone time.

In addition to their wide variety of uses, hand-painted ceramic tile offers versatility and value like no other building material thanks to their inherit resistance to abrasion, freeze/thaw conditions, and color permanence properties. Here are several cement and ceramic tile collections to consider when you're ready to update your outdoor living space.

Arabesque Cement Tile
This collection pays homage to a deeply rooted tradition of Moorish and Spanish tiles. With their interlaced geometric patterns, these hand-crafted tiles are designed and made in the USA.

Pattern or Plain Cement Tile
We offer an expansive selection of patterned cement tile, relief and molding cement tile and solid color cement tiles to coordinate with any decor. Choose from traditional Cuban, artist series, geometric, classic and mission cement tile patterns as well as cement tile fragments.

Rustic Pavers Cement Tile
Our rustic pavers have the rich look of classic clay bisque tiles that have been used in Spain, the Mediterranean, and northern Africa for centuries. With these pavers, you get the durability of cement, combined with a broad color pallet, and a range of sizes and shapes.

Clay Arabesque Ceramic Tile
Similar in their hand-crafted workmanship to our line of Arabesque Cement Tiles, our Clay Arabesque Ceramic Tile collection pays homage to its Moorish and Spanish tile roots. They can be customized with traditional unglazed bisque, rustic glazes, glaze blends, and more than 50 studio glaze colors.

Featured Tile

Arabesque Aragon Spanish Paver 
Handmade Cement Tile

Cuban Heritage Design 110 2B 
Cement Tile

Premium Saltillo Rustic Paver
Handmade Cement Tile

Clay Arabesque Alcazar
Handmade Ceramic Tile

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With that same energy comes the willingness to renew or update outdoor living areas. Whether you embark on a small or large project, Avente Tile is here to help you. Our extensive Design Ideas gallery features a large collection of projects showcasing our handmade and hand-painted ceramic tile, cement tile, decorative tile, mosaic tile, and so much more. Let us know how we can assist you!

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