Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fresh-Picked Gourmet Garden Ceramic Tiles

Fresh-Picked Gourmet Garden Ceramic Tiles

Summer Harvest Mural
Summer Harvest Mural 8" x 23"
The sight, taste, and smell of freshly picked fruits and vegetables, from either your own garden or from your local farmer's market, appeal to the inner chef in all of us who love to eat and share our latest culinary creations.

With summer's bounty also come the planned, and sometimes impromptu, gatherings and get-togethers. You can keep the memories and feelings of summer alive throughout the year with our ceramic Gourmet Garden Ceramic Tiles and Fruit, Floral and Vegetable Garden Murals.

Beautiful glazes and intricate relief designs are just a few of the wonderful traits our collection of ceramic Gourmet Garden tiles and custom murals offer. With their hand-painted relief details, available either in a matte or gloss finish, these richly colored tiles boast sophisticated designs inspired by nature's bounty.

You can combine our individual garden tiles with solid colored ceramic or stone tiles, rope borders, pencil liners, or you can opt for our Garden Tile Murals for an increased visual impact for your kitchen backsplash. No matter which option you choose, you'll be adding long-lasting, beautiful and aesthetic value to your space.

Gloss Vegetable Garden Tiles
Our Gourmet Garden Gloss tiles create a classic kitchen theme of fresh-picked fruits and vegetables from the garden or the local farmer's market.

Matte Gourmet Garden Tiles
The matte finish of this collection of matte tiles perfectly accents tumbled stone, like travertine or marble.

Fruit Basket Hand Painted Tile Mural
Our Ceramic Tile Fruit Basket Mural brings to life the classic theme of freshly picked fruits. Measuring 18"x18", hand-painted ceramic tile mural is accented with a border of rope liner for added visual interest.

Relief Hand-Painted Bouquet Mural
Our relief hand-painted ceramic tile Bouquet Mural includes the rope trim and looks perfect when paired with natural stone, such as travertine or granite. The intricate details in this mural make it a work of art.

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Gloss Vegetable Garden Tiles

Matte Gourmet Garden Tiles

Fruit Basket Hand-Painted Tile Mural

Relief Hand-Painted Bouquet Mural

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Avente Tile's Purple Board

Avente Tile's Gourmet Garden Tile board
"The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul." - Alfred Austin

Our Pinterest board selection for this month was inspired by our own garden harvest of hearty eggplants, luscious grapes, and juicy plums. Together with summer's bounty of purple fruits and vegetables, and our collection of Gourmet Garden Ceramic Tiles, we thought we should pay homage to all that nature offers.

For more ceramic tile design inspiration, check our pages on houzz.com, our boards on Pinterest, and browse through dozens of our Ceramic Tile Design Ideas portfolio page where you can find a large collection of projects showcasing our handmade and hand-painted ceramic tile, cement tile, decorative tile, mosaic tile, and so much more. Let us know how we at Avente Tile can assist you!

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