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Cement Tile Design Trends & Tips

I love the color in this cement tile floor. Notice how the cement tile pattern blends similar colors to create a simpler pattern?  If you're having trouble finding the right color, design or pattern, then these cement tile design trends may provide the answer you were looking for.

Traditional Sosua Cement Tile rug
Traditional Sosua Cement Tile installed as a rug

If you're new to cement tiles, then these trends are the perfect designing tips for you!

Tip #1: Strong patterns can be "softened" with the use of similar colors that help blend a design together.

Ornate, traditional cement tile patterns are finding their way into homes with  fewer colors
More ornate, traditional patterns are finding their way into homes with  fewer colors

Tip #2: Bold patterns can be softened with the use of muted colors.

Zebra cement tile pattern in B Colorway from Avente Tile
Patterns will be less commanding if you use muted colors like this customer did with our Zebra pattern in B Colorway.

Tip #3: Geometric patterns using straightforward palettes with two or three colors are a great way to introduce cement tile and a bold splash of color into your home. It's also a strong design trend as homeowners, architects and designers consider cement tile for floors and kitchen or bathroom backsplash.

Trend: Geometric cement tile pattern
Cement Tile Design Trend: Geometric patterns using two to four colors

Cement Tile Color Trends

After returning from Coverings 2012I was so ecstatic about the use of color in the tile I saw that I couldn't wait to get home so I could blog about it (see Tile Trends from Coverings 2012). For the first time in a very long time, I saw the use of color and color tile on the show floor. I'm thrilled to report that the trend continues from what I saw recently during Coverings 2013. Despite an extensive palette of more than 80 colors, I'm finding there is a strong design sense to use grey tones in cement tiles. In fact, Avente just submitted samples of Dark Shadow, Ash Grey, Grey, and Pewter for a new restaurant that will require more than 1,000 square feet of tile! I guess this shouldn't come as a big surprise. Interior Designer and go-to color maven, Lisa M. Smith, recently explained, Black, White & Gray – The New Fall Interior Palette.

Subtle and complex grey tones are popular color choices for cement tile.
Subtle and complex grey tones are popular color choices for cement tile.

The other strong trend has been the increased use of steel blues or gray-blues. The rendering below shows the final design and colors of the cement tiles destined for a New York City hotel. 

Traditional Bruselas cement tile rendering with Steel Blue Colors
Traditional Bruselas cement tile rendering with Steel Blue Colors

Tip #4: Use colors in the pattern that already exist in your home.  Avoid bringing in new colors just because you like them.

Cement Tile Takes Shape With Arabesque Designs

Cement tiles are not confined to just a rectangular format. Their strength and durability easily lend themselves to the geometric, Moorish-inspired Arabesque cement tile patterns. Customers gravitate to the natural red, brown, and terracotta bisque colors these tiles adroitly mimic. However, the gray colors from this palette are a popular choice, too. 

Tip #5: A different format or shape in just one or two colors will provide interest and subtle texture.

Arabesque Cement Tiles crafted in three colors

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