Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Greetings from Avente Tile

This home's entry is cheerfully decorated to welcome Christmas guests.
This home's entry is cheerfully decorated to welcome Christmas guests.

As I get older, I realize how much faster time seems to be flying by when one day it’s Halloween, and the next it’s Christmas Eve! The cooking and baking are on full-speed, decorations are hung, and all we’re missing are the guests to make our home warmer with the sound of children running around, the shared laughter amongst friends and family, and of course, opening the treasure trove of carefully chosen and wrapped gifts. If you haven’t already joined, Pinterest has served us with great inspiration for holiday foods and decoration ideas.

Avente Tile's Christmas and Winter Pinterest board
Avente Tile's Christmas and Winter Pinterest board

Christmas, a product of both secular and religious traditions, is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world. In our home, we've integrated many global Christmas elements over the years from opening English Crackers (not the kind you eat, but the kind you pop open), serving Buche de Noel, and of course, serving Anooshaboor (Armenian Christmas Pudding) to our guests. Combining elements from various cultures has become our tradition. 

Avente Tile's Deer in Moonlight Hand-Painted Ceramic Tile Mural

Here are wonderful examples of how Christmas is celebrated worldwide:
  • Belgium: The children believe kindly Saint Nicholas will bring them their presents. They also believe he rides a horse so they leave him hay and carrots and water for his horse.
  • Denmark: The Christmas feast is celebrated at midnight Christmas Eve. Everyone looks forward to dessert when a special rice pudding is served in which a single almond is hidden. Whoever finds the almond will have good luck for the coming year.
  • France: In France, children place their shoes by the fireplace in hopes that le Pere Noel (Father Christmas) will place gifts for them.
  • India: Houses are decorated with strings of mango leaves, lights are placed on the window sills and walls, and a star is hung outside.
  • Iran: Iran, formerly Persia, is the land where the Three Wise men are believed to have lived when Jesus was born.
  • Russia: In Russia, Babouschka brings the children gifts. Tradition says that she failed to give food and shelter to the three wise men, so she now searches the countryside for baby Jesus, visiting all children, and giving gifts as she goes.
  • Spain: A traditional Christmas treat is turron, a kind of almond candy.

What are your family traditions? I’d love to hear the different things you do or prepare for the holidays.

From all of us at Avente Tile, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. May the holiday season bring you the joy, warmth and fulfillment of being surrounded by family and friends, such as we are. For you, we are truly blessed and grateful! 

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