Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Tiled Fireplace Will Warm the Home All Year

With heart-shaped candy boxes and cuddly teddy bears taking over store shelves, there's no denying that Cupid has his arrow poised to strike lovers this Valentine's Day. But nothing says love like a cozy fireplace with hand-crafted tiles. With cold days and long nights, there is nothing better than warming up to a fire in the hearth with friends. Make your fireplace the focal point of the room with hand-painted ceramic or cement tiles.

Cuban Cement Tile Border Tiles Frame this Fireplace
Cuban Cement Tile Border Tiles Frame this Fireplace

The bold colors and intricate Cuban cement tiles patterns create a cozy fireplace. In this case, the border and corner pieces that are normally used to frame a tile rug can be used around the firebox. To avoid cuts and cement tile trim, the cement tile is paired with a plain ceramic tile that compliments the design and helps to simplify the installation. The customer's choice to use our popular Cuban Heritage Design 110 in the rich, warm "C" colorway was smart. The palette provides an intimate location that you will want to cozy up to any time of the year!

Many Tile Options for Your Fireplace

Using cement tile for a fireplace is a fantastic way to add visual appeal to your space. Available in multiple patterns and a broad color palette, cement tiles help create a dramatic focal point that become the theme of the room. However, decorative ceramic tiles, like our Malibu or Portuguese tiles provide eye-catching patterns and designs. Also, our ceramic mosaic tile designs are perfect for adding the right touch to a fireplace, hearth, mantle or chimney. And, don't forget the stunning glazes found in our hand-painted plain or field tile can provide an elegant and classic look, too.

Design Ideas to Help

A fine-looking fireplace fills your home with warmth and beauty, as well as creating a social center for friends and family. Here are a few different design ideas to get you thinking about finding a design and look that speaks to you!

Yuna Cement Tile Fireplace
Cement Tile Fireplace
Spanish Tile Fireplace
Spanish Tile Fireplace

Spanish Tile Fireplace
Spanish Tile Fireplace
Ceramic Tile Fireplace Mural
Fireplace Tile Mural

Do you have a question about using tile for your fireplace? No problem! Leave your tile question in the comments on this blog and we'll happily answer any questions you may have.

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"I say to myself that I shall try to make my life like an open fireplace, so that people may be warmed and cheered by it and so go out themselves to warm and cheer." — George Matthew Adams

Winter is in full swing for many parts of our country! Our Pinboard selections for this month reflect both the seasonal changes and the area in our homes that will garner the most use and attention – the fireplace! There’s no doubt that the attractiveness of a crackling, yet soothing fireplace will mesmerize even the heartiest of humans and creatures alike.

With bone-chilling winds, rain and snow, you can keep the warmth and coziness a fireplace emotes year-round with our ceramic tiles or with our extensive collections of handmade cement tiles. Check out how our Classic Cluny Cement Tile was used in this Fireplace Surround design, and the starring role our Traditional Yuna Cement Tile played on this Monochromatic Cement Tile Fireplace. For our friends who enjoy winter in a milder, Mediterranean climate, consider a ceramic tile mural for your outdoor fireplace, such as our Pomegranate Mural, for example.

Inspired? Then visit our pages on houzz.com, our boards on Pinterest, and browse through dozens of our Cement Tile Design Ideas portfolio page where you can find a large collection of projects showcasing our handmade and hand-painted ceramic tile, cement tile, decorative tile, mosaic tile, and so much more. Let us know how we at Avente Tile can assist you!

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