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Playing with Pattern in Tile Design

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The natural world and everyday common objects can be the inspiration for decorative patterns. Patterns increases visual excitement by enriching the surface they adorn. Patterns are decorative designs on the surface of materials that usually have a repeating design motif. When you see pattern from a great distance, the motifs become so small that you no longer see them as single elements, but perceive them as texture.
Plain Tiles Create a Tessellation Pattern
Plain Diamond Shaped Tiles in 3 Glazes Create A Tessellation Pattern

Patterns are fun. Patterns create comfort. Patterns add interest. Patterns can have meaning. We love pattern and tile. Tiles are great way to add pattern to your style. You can create patterns with plain tile, like the tessellation (pictured above) with three different glazes on a plain diamond-shaped tile. In fact, we're dedicating March to playing with pattern!

Hex Cement Tiles Create a similar Tessellation
Hex Cement Tiles Create a similar Tessellation

Patterns have been part of human life since it began and they are still present everywhere today. From Pueblo pottery and Maori tattoos of the past; to fabric and architecture of today, patterns are a part of our everyday lives and often have cultural or religious significance. And sometimes, they are just fun or interesting.

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Pinterest: Patterns and Spring

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See a Pattern? pinboard

Color: Green pinboard

"The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also."
-- Harriet Ann Jacobs

With record-breaking weather this winter, it's hard to believe that Spring is just a couple of weeks away. But as eternal optimists, we're looking ahead to the greener, colorful season where every living thing seems to rejoice in the coming vernal equinox.

This month's Pinboards focus on seasonal changes where, just like nature, we're bursting for changes in designs, patterns and colors in our homes and businesses. With our "See a Pattern?" board, we're served with daily inspiration on mesmerizing, peaceful patterns that can influence the designs of textiles, fabrics, and tile. And with our "Color: Green" board, we.re reminded of the joyful possibilities that only Spring and the color green offers!

From classic stripes to geometric arrays to those of centuries-old patterns, such as Moorish, Victorian, Tribal, Spanish, etc., there's no doubt we are fascinated by movement, forms and shapes. Our Traditional handmade Geometric Cement Tiles can add either a subtle or bold touch to any setting, while our San Cristobal handmade cement tile pattern offers a more muted, classic pattern.

To emulate a Mediterranean atmosphere, consider using our Clay Arabesque Ceramic Tile collection, which pays homage to its Moorish and Spanish tile roots with its geometric shapes. Or, to add historical intrigue to your design, consider our Barcelona La Ermitta hand-painted ceramic tile, which boasts centuries-old Spanish patterns and Majolica glaze techniques.

Inspired? Then visit our pages on houzz.com, our boards on Pinterest, and browse through dozens of our Cement Tile Design Ideas portfolio page where you can find a large collection of projects showcasing our handmade and hand-painted ceramic tile, cement tile, decorative tile, mosaic tile, and so much more. Let us know how we at Avente Tile can assist you!

Geo 21-2 Handmade Cement Tile
Geo 21-2 Cement Tile
Traditional San Cristobal Handmade Cement Tile
San Cristobal Cement Tile
Clay Arabesque Leon

Clay Arabesque Leon
Barcelona La Ermitta Hand Painted Ceramic Tile

La Ermitta Ceramic Tile

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