Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Patterned Hexagon Tile: 3 Ways to Create Style

Last week, I shared 3 Ways to Create Style with Plain Hexagon Tile. This week, I play with pattern on this powerful six-sided polygon. Here are three ways patterned hexagon tiles provide a stylish look using both ceramic and cement tiles - all available from Avente Tile.

Hexagon tile adorn an outdoor patio in Los Angeles
Our journey of creating style with hexagon tiles continues. 

Hexagon Style Tip #1: Use patterned cement tile in a hexagon format for a subtle design flair. At first glance, the pattern addict would say, "I've seen this pattern. That's not a Hexagon!" But take a closer look, and among the Escher-like tessellations, you'll see the hexagon outline in the grout line.

Patterned hexagon tile add subtle design flair
Patterned hexagon tiles add subtle design flair

Not only is the pattern playful, so is the tile shape and format; but, in a subtle way that draws attention by making you look twice. If you have trouble seeing the pattern, here's a view of the same tile placed together without any cuts.

Hexagon tiles with a pattern are a great choice for rooms that are odd-shaped or not square
Patterned hexagon tiles work well in rooms with odd angles or if the walls aren't square.

Design trick: Use a patterned hexagon tile for rooms that aren't square or rectangular, badly out of plumb or odd-shaped. The pattern and hexagon shape, when run to the edge of the room, hide all of the problems you'd have when using square or rectangular tile.

Hexagon Style Tip #2Emphasize the hexagon shape with outline patterns. Using cement tile from our Mission patterns, you can show your love for this shapely, equal-sided polygon by using three contrasting or complimentary colors that outline or frame the hexagon shape. Here's an 8-inch format in three colors.

Emphasize the hexagon shape with outline patterns
Emphasize the hexagon shape with outline patterns like this.

The design flexibility of cement tiles means you get to pick the color for a unique design that speaks to you. Consider blue, green and aqua for a bathroom. Choose red, orange and yellow for a bright, warm patio or sunroom, or opt for a more neutral palette, such as the one shown above for a wall.

Hexagon Style Tip #3. Create a mosaic with hexagon tile. The flexibility of tile and the geometry of a hexagon work well with creative designs. You can create one-of-a-kind mosaics for the floor or wall using either cement and ceramic tile.

Life of Riley by Artist Thimo Pimental is a modular mosaic hexagon cement tile.

Colorful hexagon tiles by David Shipley create one-of-a-kind mosaics
Colorful hexagon tiles by David Shipley create one-of-a-kind mosaics.

Moreover, thanks to the inherit advantages of geometry, patterned hexagon tiles can be create subtle or bold designs, or a playful yet sophisticated mosaic. At Avente Tile, we offer both encaustic cement tile and glazed ceramic tile designs that work on floors and walls, indoors and out. Want to explore more hexagon style and design options? Can't find the hexagon style that you want? Let us know what you need for your project, and we'll schedule a free design consultation to show you how we can help!

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