Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kitchen Design with Your Range Hood in Mind

Guest post by Samantha Velez, Range Hoods Inc

While designing a home kitchen, making choices can feel overwhelming at times. Your mind races with thoughts like, “What do I pick first? The counter or the backsplash tile?” There are so many elements that go into the design, including the cabinetry, range hood, range and flooring.

When designing your kitchen, all of the elements play a large role. The tile, flooring and backsplash are all important and influence the bigger picture. However, don't forget about how important the range hood is. Make sure to include it as a part of your design plan.

To help you make these decisions, we would like to overview the styles of range hoods that are available for your kitchen remodeling project. These are the hoods you will have to work within the whole kitchen design.

Under Cabinet Range Hood

Kitchen Design Range Hood 1
Image credit: Avente Tile customer Constance Zaytoun, Chelsea, NY

Under cabinet range hoods are mounted above the range and underneath a cabinet. These units take up less space while providing optimal kitchen ventilation above the cooking surface. In the photo above, the backsplash tile, the color of the cabinetry and the range hood style all come together to create a beautiful kitchen design. The stainless steel range and range hood frame the beautiful blues and reds that pop out throughout the design.

Kitchen Design Range Hood 2
Image credit: Avente Customer, Laurie Saurez.

Wall mount range hoods are also mounted above the range and on the wall. There is no cabinetry above these units. If you are considering installing a wall mount range hood in your kitchen remodel, be sure that your cabinetry allows space for the unit.

The wall mount range hood in the photo above is decorated with straps and rivets. This decorative stainless steel range hood frames the beautiful patchwork tile backsplash in this kitchen. All of the design elements, including the lighting, task lighting and flooring, work together and feel balanced in this kitchen.

Insert Liner Range Hood

Kitchen Design Range Hood 3
Image credit: Avente Customer Mark and Erin C. of central New York

Insert liner range hoods are small range hood units that are designed to be hidden from view. The push button controls and lights are usually on the bottom of the unit, so they can easily be accessed while being hidden from sight at the same time.

It is common for insert liner range hoods to be embedded in the cabinet or in a decorative exterior such as the one in the photo above. At first glance, you cannot tell there is a range hood there. If you look closely, however, you can see the hidden lights shining down on the range. In this case, the insert liner range hood does not cover up the beautiful backsplash tile. In this design, the backsplash tile is the star.

Island Range Hoods

Kitchen Design Range Hood 4

Unlike the previous range hoods in this article, an island range hood is not mounted against a wall. These models are mounted from the ceiling above the kitchen island. These are used in kitchens in which the cooking surface is installed on top of the kitchen island.

Remember, island mount range hoods will become a focal point in your kitchen design. Even so, don’t forget to tile the backsplash. Make sure other design elements still shine through in the bigger picture.

We hope this has helped you and empowered you to make some decisions that will enhance your kitchen remodel.

About the Author
Samantha Velez is the Content Specialist at Range Hoods Inc, an online retailer of kitchen range hoods and kitchen sinks. Visit Range Hoods Inc today to learn more.

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