Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cement Tile Patterns for Patios and Floors

Cement tile floors for outdoor patios or indoor living spaces allow you to create unparalleled visual appeal using patterns together with the colors of your choice. Here are a few recent projects that I've been working on with customers. Each project shows how cement tile is being used to create flooring that is both personal and unique.

Celebrate summer and be reminded of the cool water at the seashore with the Wave pattern by Tania Marmolejo from our Artist Series.

Cement tile floor pattern using Wave in Stormy Blue and White
Cement tile floor pattern using Wave in Stormy Blue and White
Desiring a casual look for their floor, one of our Southern California customers chose the hip, contemporary and stylistic Wave pattern. Selecting their own colors, Stormy Blue and White from the Heritage Palette, they customized the pattern for their design at no additional cost. Durable and easy-to-maintain, cement tile is a great choice for floors. Not only is the look cool, casual and comfortable; but, the silky feel of polished cement tile on bare feet is a perfect choice for an outdoor patio or bathroom. The larger 10" x 10" cement tile format laid from wall to wall without a border. provides eye-catching appeal for contemporary homes.

Capitalizing on California's great year-round weather, many of the state's homes wrap around a backyard patio that can be accessed from the bedroom, kitchen and living areas. A customer in Santa Monica has a traditional Spanish-style home with a central back patio. She wanted to tile the back patio and establish a casual, contemporary look that would work with the home's traditional architecture. She achieved her vision by using the Union 1A pattern by Tania Marmolejo, also from our Artist Series.  

Union 1A pattern from Avente's Artist Series of Cement Tile
Union 1A pattern from Avente's Artist Series of Cement Tile

To achieve a slightly more traditional feel for this outdoor patio, the pattern was framed to make a rug using Ash Grey. The area outside the rug will be filled with Dark Shadow. Both Ash Grey and Dark Shadow are colors from within the pattern. The interlocking circle pattern plays well with the classic Moorish-inspired, Spanish theme of the home's architecture. The soft and dark grey color palette is easy to work with and complements the existing design.

Another Avente customer wanted to maintain a traditional, slightly more formal look for their entry hall. Working with patterns and colors from our Mission cement tile collection, they created a complex tile rug pattern with a border. However, since the rug will be laid in a polished, cut, poured concrete slab, only two colors from the grey-scale were used.

New Castle pattern with Queen Border in Charcoal and Grey
Cement tile rug created using New Castle pattern with Queen Border in Charcoal and Grey

Moreover, our same customer also liked our Cuban Heritage CH110-2B and choose the pattern for a different area of their home. The popular CH110-2B Cuban Heritage cement tile pattern uses shades of blues, grays, and dark brown. Unfortunately, the customer didn't have any blue in their existing design, so they changed the pattern colors and substituted Cana Green for Royal blue in the pattern.

Cuban Heritage Design 110-2B Cement Tile. Cana Green has been substituted for Royal Blue

As you can see, designing with cement tile is fun and personable. I can't wait to see the installation photos from these customers after their tile is delivered and installed. These recent projects from our customers illustrate how flexible cement tile is with any decor or environment. You can create flooring designs for outdoor spaces, such as patios and walks, or interior spaces such as entries and kitchen floors. Cement tile works with the existing architectural elements from traditional to contemporary. You can use our existing designs and colors in the catalog, modify the colors in the pattern, or mix or match patterns and borders to make your home your castle. The choice is yours!

Feeling inspired? Want to learn more about cement tile design, cement tile flooring, cement tile patterns, and see installations? Let us help! Visit our Cement Tile Information Center.

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