Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Decorative Geometrical Tile Coda

Two weeks ago I introduced our new decorative glazed ceramic tiles. In that post, Geometrical Ceramic Tiles Ring in the New Year,  I explained how two popular cement tile patterns, our Geo 10 and Traditional Anillos, are now available in a glazed ceramic tile format.  I also promised to to share some additional forthcoming patterns and I'm excited to unveil them now.

Geometrical Ellipse A Wainscot Concept
Geometrical Ellipse A - Wainscot Concept

Ellipse is one of my favorite new motifs that works great as single or double row accent strip for a kitchen backsplash or bathroom wainscot. The simple, soothing inter-connected ellipse pattern is slightly contemporary but takes its design cue from Art Deco styles.

Geometrical Ellipse B is a new glazed ceramic tile pattern
Geometrical Ellipse B is a new glazed ceramic tile pattern

Further, the hand-painted glazes provide traditional artisan craftsmanship and variation. The patterns are all more contemporary than our traditional Spanish and Malibu lines.

Geometrical tile pattern glazes are from the Malibu Field Tile palette and make designing easy and fun. In fact, the flexibility in the Geometrical deco line lies in  the ability to pair and complement the patterns with colors from the 50+ available glazes from our Malibu Field Tile collection. To make it easy, all the colors used in the pattern are identified on the site. Malibu Field Tile are available in 3"x3", 6"x6", 4"x4", 4"x5", 6"x6" and 4" Hexagon. You'll also find a full line of trim and molding.

Aragon is another new pattern using a classic cross and quatrefoil motif.  It's available in four standard colorways.  I love the simplicity in this classic black and gray colorway.

Argon is a Moorish-inspired pattern shown here in classic black and grey
Geometrical Aragon is a Moorish-inspired pattern shown here in classic black and grey

The colors and pattern motif can really change the mood. Look what happens when the same pattern has soothing earth tones juxtaposed to charcoal to create a checkerboard. The cherry red glaze outlines each cross and makes it really pop.

Geometrical Aragon 2CD is a new decorative ceramic tile pattern
Geometrical Aragon is new pattern. Colorway 2CD is shown here.

Malibu Cherry Red is a stunning glaze with lots of natural variation. I can't wait to see a fireplace or pool sideboard adorned in the color. I'll let the color segue into another new pattern, Weave. Here, the Geometrical Weave pattern uses that bright red and white to really add a pop of color and bold design.

Weave is pattern in the new Geometrical line.
Weave is pattern in the new Geometrical line.
Shown here in Cherry Red and White.

Red not your color? Want to mix up the pattern? Look at how playful and sophisticated, this pattern can be when a mix of colors is used.

A mix of colors in the Weave pattern break all the rules
A mix of colors in the Geometrical Weave B pattern breaks all the rules

Remember, the Geometric glazed ceramic tile patterns are available in 6-, 5-, 4-, and 3-inch square formats. Each pattern is offered in at least four colorways. These high-fired, quality tiles are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The tiles are hand-painted in the USA using the traditional "Cuerda Seca" (dry cord) technique. Expect variation in the glaze colors, as well as a slight relief from pooled glazes. These tiles can also be made for submerged wet applications, such as pools, by applying a clear overglaze. For floor applications, grit can be added to the glaze to reduce slippage. Tiles are made-to-order so please allow about four weeks, including transit times, for delivery.

Want to see more? Take a look at all of our glazed decorative Geometrical tiles. These tiles offer the prefect decorative solution.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Arabesque Cement Tile Pattern Repertoire Grows

For January, I continue to welcome 2015 with our newest tiles. Today I showcase three new patterns in our ever-popular Arabesque cement tile line which is part of our curated Spanish tiles honoring traditional tile-making techniques, patterns, and colors.

What I like about the first two lines is you'll find both a large format appropriate for floors or large walls, as well as a smaller, mini-format that scales down well for a backsplash, small entry or hearth. These two new patterns are called Varona and Villatoro. Their names pay homage to Medieval Spanish castles. Can't you just imagine kneeling down in front of Queen Isabella on one of these patterns?

Varona is a new Arabesque pattern. Shown here in Normandy Cream.
Varona is a new Arabesque pattern. Shown here in Normandy Cream.

Villatoro in Tuscan Mustard with a textured, limestone finish.

These scaled line drawings show the full-size Villatoro compared to the mini.

Villatoro Mini pattern uses 5"x8" and 5"x7" pieces
Villatoro Mini pattern uses 5"x8" and 5"x7" pieces

Villatoro pattern uses 7"x11" and 7"x10" pieces
Villatoro pattern uses 7"x11" and 7"x10" pieces

Finally, the last new Arabesque pattern is Zafra. This large format measures nominally 8"x10" and is ideal for adding pattern to a master bath, larger powder room or living room floor.

Zafra is a new Arabesque pattern, shown here in Charcoal Gray
Zafra is a new Arabesque pattern, shown here in Charcoal Gray

Quick Reference to Spanish Arabesque Tiles

The Arabesque collection pays homage to a deeply rooted and rich heritage of traditional Moorish and Spanish tiles that feature interlaced geometric patterns. With their nuanced curves and unusual geometric shapes, these Spanish tiles are sophisticated and charming. Choose from traditional bisque colors to create Old World charm, or use a contemporary shade such as off-white and grey. Spanish Arabesque Pavers are made to order and hand-crafted from cement in the USA. To start, select a shape, then choose a color from the Paver Color Palette. Blends and textures are also available.

Our Rustic Pavers are a unique line of Spanish floor tiles that can also be used on the wall. Look to our Rustic Paver collection if you desire square and rectangular formats (from 2"x2" to 16"x16") with a rustic feel. Not all tiles will be the exact same shape, as color variation is part of this collection's allure. Exquisitely designed and manufactured in the USA, Avente's made-to-order Spanish Pavers are hand-crafted using cement.

These Spanish Floor Tiles in classic shapes create a rustic look similar to what you'd find in traditional clay bisque tiles and pavers from Spain and Mexico. Once you've selected the size, then choose a color from the Paver Color Palette that offers classic clay bisque colors, as well as softer, contemporary shades. Blends and textures are also available.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Geometrical Ceramic Tiles Ring in the New Year

As the new year starts with full force, I think it only fitting to share some of our new tile patterns and lines. This week, I share our new glazed ceramic line. It's a small line that carriers a large, and very popular, design punch. Our Geometric Geo 10 and Traditional Anillos, or Ring pattern, has been very popular in cement, so it's with great pleasure that we are now offering both patterns in a glazed ceramic tile format.

Transition Geo 10 in Glazed Ceramic Mimics Our Geo 10 Cement Tile
Geometrical Circles B in Glazed Ceramic mimics our Geo 10 Cement Tile
The new line, Geometrical Ceramic Tile, melds classic, hand-painted glaze techniques with modern, geometric patterns to achieve an absolutely stunning look. Ideal for kitchen backsplashes, accent strips or anywhere a splash of color, pattern and more modern design is wanted.

 Transition Rings pattern mimics our Anillos cement tile
Our Geometrical Rings A pattern mimics our Anillos cement tile
The glazed ceramic tile patterns are available in 6-, 5-, 4-, and 3-inch square formats. Each pattern will be offered in four colorways, and several new patterns will be released by the end of the month. You can complement these decorative tiles with field tile and trim from from our Malibu Field Tile.

Transition Geo 10E is one of the new patterns and colors available in glazed ceramic tile
Geometrical Ceramic Tile 10E is one of the new patterns and colors available in a glazed ceramic tile format

If you have a small backsplash area where a large pattern or cement tile in an 8"x8" format is hard to fit, we recommend using our Geometrical Ceramic Tile line. Or, if you want to carry the same geometric motif with a different look, these tiles offer the prefect decorative solution!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Encaustic Cement Tile as Wainscoting

cement tile wainscoting
Cement tile is paired with locally sourced coral stone to create this stunning wainscoting for a bathroom.

If you've ever seen a decorative treatment on the lower half of a wall, then you've seen wainscoting. Traditionally, wainscoting is used to protect walls from becoming damaged when chairs or other furniture is moved around, such as in a dining room or eat-in kitchen area. To get a better understanding, let's look at how wainscoting evolved.

A cement tile & stone wainscoting
Pattern and color continuity flow through this Dominican Republic home with the use of a cement tile and coral stone wainscoting.

Interestingly, according to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word wainscot, rooted in the mid-14th century, means "imported oak of superior quality (well-grained and without knots), probably from Middle Dutch or Middle Flemish waghenscote; related to Middle Low German wagenschot (late 14c.), from waghen (wagon) + scote (partition, crossbar) and perhaps because the wood originally was used for wagon building and coachwork."

Fast-forward now to Elizabethan times where wainscoting grew in popularity as a decorative and protective wall covering. It is still commonly used in Colonial American and English homes.

Manzanillo Cement Tile
Manzanillo Cement Tile adds finesse to any wall or wainscoting application.

La Rochelle Cement Tile
La Rochelle Cement Tile creates a harmonious outdoor wainscoting.

Currently, you can integrate wainscoting into your home with the versatility that only handmade cement tile offers. For a modern, contemporary or vintage look in a bathroom, hallway, or any living area, cement tile provides an ornamental and functional wall treatment that limited only by your imagination.

Traditional Bayahibe Cement Tile
Vibrant Traditional Bayahibe Cement Tile as wainscoting.

Whether you use cement tile wainscoting for an indoor or outdoor application, keep in mind that each cement tile is individually handmade. Slight variations, such as thickness, shade, imperfections, and irregular edges are inherent to this type of product. These characteristics add to the product's natural appeal and do not compromise the performance of the tile.

Lastly, for more information about cement tile selection, installation tips, customization services, or available sizes, shapes and more, please see our Guide to Buying Handmade Cement Tile.

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Designing with Tile

marsala - color of the year

staircases, halls, entries

"I think I will be able to, in the end, rise above the clouds and climb the stairs to Heaven, and I will look down on my beautiful life." — Yayoi Kusama, Japanese artist and writer

Welcome to 2015! It's been a quite a year, and as we grow older, it seems the year just gets shorter and shorter!

As you've undoubtedly heard by now, Pantone has chosen its color of the year, Marsala. We love this shade as it works so well with our cement tile patterns, such as Cuban Heritage Design 240 1A, Traditional Marrakech Cement Tile, Cuban Heritage Design 260 1A, or choose a rich, unadorned tile with our Heritage Solid Color cement tie in Indian Red.

No matter what you choose, remember Avente's cement tile can be customized to fit any décor or color need you may have. Further, our newly published Guide to Buying Handmade Cement Tile is an especially valuable resource to keep handy. You can download your free copy here, and let the inspiration begin!

From all of us at Avente Tile, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

Cheers to 2015 with Special Saving!

Cement Tile Patchwork
Cement Tile Patchwork
Avente Tile thanks all our friends and wonderful customers! Your patronage and support in the past year has been amazing. We have a passion for artisan tiles and providing exceptional, unique designs for your needs. We want to see how your project turned out and love photos of your completed installations, like the one shown here from a customer in California. Share your installation and design photos with us via email or social media channels.

To thank you, we're offering 10% off any online order placed through January 2015. Use coupon code CHEERS. Good luck and best wishes for a wonderful 2015!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cuban Tile Redux in Muted Color Palette

For the last post of the year, I'm excited to share an exclusive tour of a private residence that uses Cuban Heritage cement tiles in a custom, muted color palette. You'll find the design is peaceful and calming. The redux also shows how cement tiles are not just for flooring anymore.

Exclusive tour of a private residence using Cuban cement tiles
Avente's exclusive tour of a private residence using Cuban cement tiles

The tropical setting of this private home on the island of Hispaniola is the perfect locale for Cuban tiles.  The home's design takes full advantage of the balmy, tropical weather and uses an open air design.  You are greeted by a small sitting area that opens to a large covered, open-air patio that joins the dining room, powder room, pool, and living spaces.

Entry patio greets guests and sets the design theme with Cuban tile
Cuban tile entry greets guests and sets the design theme

A Cuban cement tile rug adorns the large, central breeze-way
A Cuban cement tile rug adorns the large, central breeze-way

Our Cuban Heritage cement tiles have been popular since we introduced them over ten years ago. Because of their ubiquitous use in residential and commercial applications on the island of Cuba, cement tiles became known as Cuban tiles in some parts of the world. When Cuba was a tropical playground for jetsetters between 1920 - 1950 and for homes built in the Spanish Mediterranean Revival period, Cuban tiles were de rigueur flooring for businesses, hotels, and private estates.

This pattern, Cuban Heritage Design 150, does not utilize a border that was common in traditional Cuban designs.  However, the rug's colors standout from the surrounding coral stone pavers and a more contemporary feel is maintained without the use of a border.

Cuban Heritage Design 150 cement tile using a custom, muted color palette
Cuban Heritage Design 150 using a custom, muted color palette
While I love the eye-catching, open-air patio with the large cement tile rug, the powder room and dining room are some of the best examples of how a traditional, handmade product can adapt to provide design consistency and durability.  You'll notice that cement tile is used both on the floor and as wainscot in this small; but, rich powder room.  Avente's Traditional Salcedo border cement tile is used to frame the top wainscot row.  Also, notice the border pattern orientation does not change by the door as is it would in a traditional installation. All, unique details, executed flawlessly that really work.

Cement tile are used for floor and wainscot in this powder room
Cement tile are used for floor and wainscot in this powder room

Note the unique border tile orientation near the door

Cuban tile in soft colors work well for this powder room floor and wainscot
Cuban tile in soft colors work well for this powder room floor and wainscot

The large, formal dining room sparingly uses the same Cuban Heritage pattern and colorway as wainscot between the tall, windows and French doors that run from floor to ceiling.  This is a nice way to maintain the color and pattern without getting "pattern overload."

The same Cuban tile is used as wainscot in the formal dining room.
The same Cuban tile is used as wainscot in the formal dining room

Another view of the large dining room that uses cement tile wainscot
Another view of the large dining room that uses cement tile wainscot

A detail showing cement tile wainscot
A detail showing cement tile wainscot

Leaving the dining room from the same door that I entered, I once again strolled across the large open patio that connects all the living spaces. This time, I headed away from the entrance to get a glimpse of the pool and golf course.  Before, I reached my destination, I spotted a reflecting pool that provides privacy.  The pool is very Romanesque; but, rather than being lined with mosaic tile they used cement tile.  The same Traditional Salcedo border pattern that you see in the bathroom wainscot is used for the reflecting pool sideboard.  Here the effect is even more subtle; but, the  geometric design works well and helps keep the design motif consistent.

A reflecting pool uses cement tile for the sidebar.
A reflecting pool uses cement tile for the sidebar

Two rows of cement tile (Salcedo border pattern) add subtle design interest for this pool
Two rows of Avente's Salcedo border pattern provide subtle design details for this pool
I finally made it past all the stunning tile details to get a glimpse of the ocean.  Wow, what a verdant and peaceful ocean view!

View of pool, golf course and ocean from patio
View of pool, golf course and ocean from patio

I hope you enjoyed the exclusive tour of this private residence on the island of Hispaniola.  While this classic Cuban tile pattern has been brought back to use, I think you'll agree that the redux is both unique in design and creative in application.  I love how a simple, muted color palette, and repeated pattern work to create a a peaceful and harmonious theme throughout.

Want to see more photos of this installation? View the slideshow below, or click to see Cuban Cement Tile with Custom Color for Residence.

Cement tiles provide design flexibility because they can be customized with your choice of colors. As this project illustrates, cement tile adapt to any setting and work well in contemporary or traditional installations. Finally, you can't forget that cement tile are durable and will withstand decades of wear with little care. Finally, they can be used on floors, walls or even ceilings. They are a great way to carry a design motif, pattern or color throughout a home to achieve a cohesive and harmonious design. Visit our website to see all of the Cuban Heritage encaustic cement tile patterns and colorways we offer. Or, like this customer, you can customize the colors on any pattern to suite your distinct sense of style.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Cheer from Avente Tile

There is no better time than the Holidays to express our appreciation for your business and friendship. May all the joys of the season be yours.

Deer in Moonlight Mural - Rosewood
Deer in Moonlight Ceramic Tile Mural

Take 10% off any online order placed through January 2015. Use coupon code CHEERS.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tile Backsplash Ideas for Modern Vanities

Maybe your bathroom is stuck in the 60s or maybe you just need to freshen things up a bit. The vanity backsplash serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose, adding decorative features to your bathroom while simultaneously protecting your walls from moisture. A backsplash allows you to personalize your bathroom with a style that mirrors your own taste, character, and lifestyle.

Red Bathroom Backsplash
Photography by highfithome

So how can we choose a backsplash for a modern vanity? By nature, modern design is chic, trendy, fashionable, and in vogue. Your options for backsplashes are wide-ranging, not only based on the materials available, but the orientation of the tiles, techniques used, and molding features. You can visit Trade Winds Imports to find unique, designer quality modern bathroom vanities.

Modern Bathroom Backsplash Ideas
There are many different types of backsplash ideas you can use in the bathroom.

Style of Decorative Tile Backsplash:
  • Handmade Cement Tile
  • Natural Stone Tile
  • Glass Tiles
  • Mosaic Tiles
  • Mirrored Backsplash Panels
  • Classic White Subway Tile
  • Metallic tiles
  • Themed Tiles
  • Classic White Subway Tiles
Matching Your Countertop
For vanities with travertine tops, you can match your counter with a travertine backsplash. Other materials, such as natural stone and synthetic stones like Phoenix stone, can also be complemented with a nice stone tile that matches the hues and patterns of your countertop. Dark Emperador, quartz, and marble are all ideal candidates for a gorgeous stone backsplash.

Modern Vanity with Cream Marble Top
The Corinth Vanity comes with an elegant cream marble counter top.
Handmade Cement Tile
Beautifully hand-crafted cement tile always creates a stunning effect. You can make your bathroom stand out by pulling together elements that mirror your personal preference. As an extra tip, tile to the ceiling to make your bathroom look bigger. This will accentuate the verticality of the room.

Glass Backsplash
Modern and contemporary vanities have an especially enticing visual appeal when paired with a glass backsplash. You can even have the back of the glass hand-painted to create a silky smooth finish that flickers with vibrant spectrums of light. Similarly, metallic tiles can bring in the same "flash" and eye-grabbing qualities.

Tiling Size & Patterns
As for shape and tile patterns, staying in line with modern design patterns will create a well-organized and uniform design. For modern applications, large tile typically creates the best effect. Less business and more simplistic and streamlined designs. Although you can experiment with laying tile diagonally in the shape of a diamond, a square tile pattern maintains the sharp edges that are characteristic of modern vanities. There are also a variety of techniques you can use including bullnose, cap, and cove.

White Subway Tile in the Bathroom
Classic White Subway Tiles. Photography by Urban Apartments

Conclusion: Tiling it All Together
Finding the right backsplash for a modern vanity adds the icing on the cake and can really help pull together the entire design. Remember to try these tips to keep tile costs down.

About the Author
Cheryl Khan is a Design Consultant at TradeWindsImports.com, a fellow community member of KBTribeChat. Cheryl is knowledgeable about all phases of home remodeling, including complete kitchen and bath renovations.