Friday, February 20, 2009

Tile Ideas for the Hearth

Home is where the hearth is. From ancient times to now, the hearth has always played a vital role. An important focal point for the family, the hearth traditionally provided warmth and a place to cook. However, it was also the social and creative center. Still true today, a fine-looking fireplace fills your home with warmth and beauty and creates a social center for friends and family. Tile provides the possibilities for creating a hearth that is both beautiful and practical.

Tiles are perfect for a fireplace surround, the mantle, the floor area in front of a fireplace, the area above the mantle, or around the hearth. For inspiration, look at these incredible installations:

Here's a few ideas to use decorative tiles for your fireplace or hearth:
  • Create a medallion above the hearth with a decorative tile grouping. Avente's Celtic line works well with stone and travertine.

  • Use a few pieces of 6"x6" decorative tile placed along the floor in front of the hearth, along a hearth bench or around the hearth itself. The stylized floral designs of our Spanish line create a traditional atmosphere found in haciendas of California, Mexico, and Spain.

  • Create a stunning focal point by adding a large tiled mural above the hearth. Avente's tile murals come in a variety of designs to match any taste.

  • Create a tile border around the hearth using 6"x6", 4"x4", or 2"x2" decorative tiles. Or, use 3"x6" border tiles to frame the hearth. Avente's Spanish tile and Portuguese tile lines come in all these sizes so that you can easily create a coordinated design using different sizes of decorative tile.

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