Thursday, February 5, 2009

Architectural Cement Tiles in Relief

Cement tiles made in relief or "architectural relief tiles" are ideal for sidewalk paving, pool areas, and public projects. A versatile and green product, these tiles are a great and durable solution for utility rooms, outdoor workspaces, and beach-house showers. Use relief cement tiles decoratively for low-volume "trickle fountains." Use them for a virtually maintenance-free exterior home siding solution that offers decorative and visual interest. Prices start at a little over $8 SF for basic colors and designs. However, the possibility for color and designs are virtually limitless and to there is generally a large color palette available. Just remember, use cement relief tiles only outside in non-freezing environments.

Shown below are some architectural relief tiles in various colors and in different relief designs. Textured or relief cement tiles are great for public or commercial projects, exterior residential buildings or residential interiors and vertical fountains. Shown here, the tiles are in a non-traditional vertical format: a privacy divider between a business and large residential development.

Architectural relief cement tiles are ideal for outside use in non-freezing environments. In summary, here's how they can be used:

  • Commercial and public projects including sidewalks, pool decks, and paved areas
  • Residential utility rooms, workspaces, beach-house showers, and beach-house walk-in transition areas
  • Decoratively in trickle fountains and for vertical walls including exterior or interior siding

To obtain pricing and quotes for this versatile green product in North America contact Avente Tiles. The architectural cement tiles shown here are manufactured in the Dominican Republic by Aguayo Tiles.


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