Sunday, January 25, 2009

Basket Bouquet Works Well with Natural Stone

This stunning flower basket bouquet tile mural adds beauty and texture to any backsplash. The mural measures 23" x 18" when installed and includes a rope border. There is exquisite attention to detail in this hand-crafted, relief mural. Made in the United States by an artisan that understands the craft of tile making and learned the the importance of detail through painting. the mural comes in a matte finish.

Flower Bouquet Mural

This hand-painted bouquet mural is framed by hand-crafted rope trim and pairs perfectly with natural stone like travertine or granite. The intricate details create artwork that is timely, lasting, beautiful and functional.

Creating a striking mural backsplash isn't hard. But, don't forget to follow a few important and helpful tips.

Want to see more images of this mural? Just click to the Flower Bouquet Mural Installations slide show.

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