Saturday, January 17, 2009

Deco Tiles: A Dab Will Often Do

Are you having trouble deciding how to use a beautiful decorative tile? You love the tile colors, the unique design, and the stunning pattern. However, does an entire wall of this fabulous tile seem like too much? Don't worry, it's OK to use just a few decorative tiles as an accent. The size of the deco tile does not have to be the same as the field tile. Use tiles randomly or in a different pattern than the field tile to help "set-off" the design. Check out these great examples of deco tiles used as an accent.

Here's a few tips to remember:

  1. A simple assemblage of four, six, eight or twelve tiles makes a great medallion for a kitchen backsplash, shower focal point, or fireplace mantle.
  2. Use a row of deco tiles just above the countertop for a kitchen or bath backsplash.
  3. Create a "chair rail" in the wainscoting by placing the tiles in a row.
  4. Alternate a few decos randomly "on point" with large format flooring.


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