Friday, January 23, 2009

A Stunning Mural Makes the Space

A stunning mural creates the focal point of any room. With limitless mural tile options, it is hard to know where to start. However, nothing creates more attention than a custom hand-crafted tile mural that will be noticed and revered for a lifetime. Your mural is an object d'art so make sure to resist the trendy and the hip to get limitless years of joy!

These two "Tree of Life" Pomegranate Murals are incredible pieces of timeless tile design--perfect for a kitchen backsplash, fireplace mantle, or tiled entryway.

Custom designs like these are made-to-order, unique and require about 6-8 weeks of painstaking expert craftsmanship to create.

Mini Pomegranate Tree
Mini Pomegranate Tree Mural (18"x18")

Pomegranate Tree Mural
Pomegranate Tree Mural (22"x22")

Here's a few tips to help with your mural design:
  1. Match the mural's scale and shape to the surrounding area.
    1. Use a square mural for a square space.
    2. The mural should "fit nicely" into the area. Don't forget about Goldilocks and the three bears: not too big, not too small, it should "feel" just right!
  2. Use some of the mural's colors in field tile that surround it.
    1. Try adding a border or "picture frame" to the mural using an accent color from the mural.
    2. Surround the "artwork" with a "matte" of tile. Use a neutral color from the mural. Use smaller "dots" like 2"x2" for more texture. Use larger formats up to 6"x6" for a more traditional look; but place them "on point" to "set off" the mural.
  3. Make it unique and make it yours! It's your space: choose a design that matches your sense of style!

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