Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Capture Mediterranean Style with Cement Tile

Mediterranean style is captured at this Pacific Coast resort using the San Tropez cement tile pattern from the Classic Collection.

The San Tropez cement floor tile illustrates how four or more tiles are grouped together to create a pattern. The foyer creates a sophisticated and grand statement that is both beautiful and durable. The lobby was completed using 8"x8" tiles with the pattern (or field) stretching the entire length of the room. Tile colors include blue, mustard, white and gray. Cement tiles are extremely durable and easy to care for.

A single San Tropez cement tile design and the resulting pattern when grouped together.

Because the tiles are not fired and they are extremely durable, cement tiles are a green product. Using these tiles makes a smaller carbon footprint and reduces total ownership cost over the project life.

Cement Floor Tile Installation Tips

You can install cement tile in all indoor residential and commercial locations including vertical and horizontal applications. Cement tiles can be used on floors, walls, back splashes, lobby or kitchen counters, bathrooms and ceilings.

Cement tiles are not frost proof and are not suitable for outdoor locations that are subject to freezing.

Cement tiles may be installed in outdoor or indoor swimming pools. Make sure to use the manufacturer's recommendation for sealing. Ask us for details about your project before you begin.

Cement tiles are handmade, one tile at a time. This makes each tile unique and different. To achieve a better blending of the material, we recommended that you pull tiles from different boxes at random to achieve the look you desire.

Avente Tile provides Cement Tile

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