Sunday, May 9, 2010

Create an Outdoor Living Space with Tile

Outdoor living rooms are one of the most popular amenities in today's back yard. More Americans are entertaining outdoors than ever before. And why not? Learn how you can create the perfect intimate outdoor room with a wonderful view! Sip your favorite rosé, roast pork tenderloin on the grill, and enjoy the sunset with friends.

This is one of my favorite outdoor living rooms in California. It uses beautiful tile, natural stone, and stained concrete around a cozy fire and eye-catching mural.

Enchanting Outdoor Living Space

Notice that high walls on two sides really help the patio feel like a room. Natural stone, like flagstone (shown here) or slate maintains the built-in garden color scheme.

High Walls Create an Outdoor Living Room

The strategic use of flagstone on seating areas, the mantle, and for edging along the patio is stunning. This also provides the right balance between beauty and cost. Stained concrete is a great choice for most of the patio floor and gives a natural look at a fraction of the cost.

High Walls Create an Outdoor Living Room

The pergola provides a transition from the house to the open outside living area.

Patio Pergola

A well-designed space needs a focal point. In this room, the fireplace commands your attention! I love the warm, deep-red sangria color tiles around the hearth. It's warm and inviting even if the fire isn't lit.

Patio Fireplace with Sangria Red Tiles

You need to grace your outdoor living space with fine art. The Pomegranate Tree Mural is the piece de resistance in this outdoor living space. The tile mural provides the artwork in this outdoor living room and maintains a stylistic nature theme.

Pomegranate Tree Mural

Chosen for durability and color, the outdoor kitchen countertop uses a high quality hand-painted vitreous tile resistant to chipping. Blue Celadon is a great color for outdoor living spaces because it harmoniously blends sky and earth tones. This color pairs nicely with the brown tones of flagstone. The natural beauty of hand-painted glazes are ideal in an outdoor setting because the colors vary from tile to tile.

Patio Countertop in Avente's Blue Celadon

The best part of living in an outdoor space is enjoying the view. And, you can't beat this view of the hills from Los Angeles's Echo Park retreat.

Outdoor Living is all about the view

Sit back, relax and enjoy! Tile creates the perfect outdoor living space.

Read more more about this project at the Casa Lucretia blog.

Photos courtesy of Tom Chatt.

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