Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Discover Your Dream Bath

When it comes to design, it helps to have a great idea. Turning dreams into reality does require hard work and starts by writing down what you want and what is important to you.

Before starting any project, define your goals. The best ways to do this is to discover what is important to you — even before you start tearing out magazine pictures of what you want your finished bath to look like. This step helps you and design professionals make the right decisions as they relate to cost, budget and material selection.

Here is a great worksheet to help you start discovering what's important to you. This checklist was designed by Sunny McLean and can be found in her very helpful workbook, The Basics, which is a great tool designed for folks in the tile and stone business.

Sunny McLean has been in the tile business for years and now provides consulting services to the tile trade. This checklist or questionnaire, was completed by one of our customers and resulted in the project we featured earlier this summer in our Designer's Sketchbook, Bath with Bordeaux Cement Floor Tile & Crackle Wall Tile.


What kind of experience do you want from your bath? Check those that apply and discuss with your family, designer or tile dealer so that can help guide you the best choices that will make you happy for as long as you use your bathroom.

I'm looking for:

The Basic Experience

  • Just want it to work
  • Get in, get clean, get out
  • Fast with no frills
  • Basic tile that serves as a sanitary background

Efficiency & practicality – maintenance primary, design secondary

  • Storage critical
  • Everything in its place and easy to clean
  • Tile must have a clean look and be easy to clean

Sensual – aesthetics more important than practicality

  • Beautiful personal items on display give pleasure
  • Good design, sensual surfaces and the right colors and textures very important to the optimum experience
  • Beautiful tile surfaces provide pleasure

Therapeutic – using water for health and well-being

  • The best and latest technology; whirlpool and/or air tub, steam shower, pulsating shower heads, spray bars
  • The bath is used for either stimulation or relaxation or both
  • Tile is nice, but mainly serves as a protective background for the water experience

A design/fashion statement – what it looks like is my priority, the rest is just details

  • I love the experience of showing off my bathroom to guests
  • What it looks like has to please more people than the just my family and me.
  • All items, plumbing, tile and accessories are chose with great care for design impact.

Stop talking! Take some time to discover your dream bath. This important, first step, will help ensure your dream comes true!  

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