Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mosaic Tiled Tubs - Shaped like a Shoe

Our blog has taken a lower priority recently with summer vacation and longer days. So has the time spent with my friends on Facebook and Twitter. As I was trying to get back in the swing last week, I was reading blogs and twitter posts from friends. Nick Lovelady posted a comment to Paul Anater about "drag queen bathtubs." That caught my eye and I read Nick's blog, Cupboards, and Paul's Blog, Kitchen and Residential Design.

shoe tub

This started a flurry of comments and somehow by the end of the day I was responsible for a blog-off where several bloggers write about the same topic.

The tiled shoe bathtubs are made by SICIS (a well renowned mosaic tile company) and look like a ladies' pump in the size of a tub. I am sure the tiling is exquisite. The price: about $30,000.

I'm all for self-expression especially when using tile. These tubs do it! Are they ostentations and over the top? Absolutely! Do you really need one? No. But, if you do. Please let Nick know!

Your thoughts? Let us know. Leave a comment. Read the other blogs about this topic that are listed below.

shoe tub

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Nick Lovelady said...

HAHAHA! Really glad you were part of the #shoetub bunch.

Enjoyed the post!

StoneImpressions said...

This is so funny. Now I have more blogs to read!

By the way, the link to Nick's blog actually goes to Paul's. I'm sure it wasn't personal!

Fun and Fit: Kymberly and Alexandra said...

"Somehow"you got dragged into the drag queen tub/shoe blog-off? Somehow? I know how. Paul and Nick found you hiding behind the tubs, trying to pick off the tiles one by one. What were you planning, to put the tiles on your prom tux?
And linking Nick's post to Paul's was a clever payback for forcing you to wake up early, I see.

Avente Tile said...

Nick @ Cupboards - Thanks for the invite and letting me be a part of this humble #shoetub bunch!

StoneImpressions - Thanks for the catch. I need all the help I can get and this mistake has been corrected!

Alexandra - Not only do you have me figured out to a T. You've got me laughing all the way. How do you do it?