Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tile Talk Newsletter - February 2011

Project Pick: Sand Ridge Backsplash
Colonial Antigua Rust Capuchinas
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Antigua Colonial Sand Ridge relief tiles are an eye-catching backsplash in this bathroom. It's easy to achieve a co-ordinated, designer-look using our collection of Antigua Colonial relief tiles, Geo Vessel, and Barcelona Matte White field tiles.

Antigua Colonial tiles are available in four different glazes: rust, sand, blue green, and green.

Green Capuchinas Relief Deco Rust Capuchinas Relief Deco Sand Capuchinas Relief Deco
Green Rust Sand
Do you want to know how these relief tiles are made? Watch this video! See the craftsmanship required to create each tile by hand, one at a time.

>> New Video: Watch Relief Tiles being Made

New from Avente Tile: Artist's Series Cement Tile
Artist Series Cement Tiles Tiles
Artist Series of Cement Tile
Hip Latin looks and bold patterns in bright colors describe these tiles. This unique series of cement tiles is created by artists from the Dominican Republic that showcase their skills and elevate cement tile to functional art. A portion of each sale supports charities that promote art in the artists' home country.

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Artist's Series Cement Tile

Tile Tip:

Small decorative tiles make great design elements when used with field tile. Here, a Capuchinas Corner (1.5" x 1.5") corner liner is cleverly used as an accent dot on-point.
Capuchinas Corner Liner in Sand used as
Insert with Matte White Field

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