Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Designer’s Dream: Cement Tiles

Avente Tile is thrilled to premier its Geometric and Traditional cement tile lines. These two new cement tile "design lines" are for architects, designers and creative individuals that enjoy the design process.

In the installation photo, notice how the Geo 10 Cement Tile colors have been customized and paired with the Traditional Constanza Cement Tile Border using the 'standard colors' from the catalog? This expresses what our design line is all about!

Geo 10 Cement Tile Installation
Geo 10 Cement Tile Installation with Traditional Constanza Border

Geo 10 Cement Tile Pattern
Geo 10 Cement Tile Pattern

Traditional Constanza Cement Tile Pattern
Traditional Constanza Cement Tile Border Pattern

These "design lines" work differently than our other cement tile lines and to help explain these differences we've compiled answers to the most common questions.

  1. What is meant by "design line" cement tiles?

    Cement tile patterns that are designed be customized with any color in our Heritage Solid Color cement tile line for that perfect design touch. In other words, The Geometric and Traditional tile lines are shown to represent the available patterns that you can customize and design to work in your space using colors from the Heritage Solid Color pallet. We do not stock these tiles since they are meant to be customized.


  2. How are these tiles priced?

    Price depends on the color chosen (Class A, B, or C) and finish (polished or unpolished). The price shown is the base price: unpolished tile using only class "A" colors. In general, blues and greens will determine the color class. The light blues and greens are "B"; dark blues and greens are "C"; all other colors are class "A".


  3. Can I order the Geometric and Traditional cement tile as they are shown in your catalog?

    Absolutely. If you like the pattern and colorway "shown" you may purchase the tile. However, you will need to allow six to eight weeks for delivery of your order and sample stock may not be readily available. Final price is based on color and finish and the price may not reflect the actual price of tile shown.


  4. Do I need to have my tiles polished?

    Polishing is a mechanical process that uses a high-speed rotary buffer, mild abrasives and water to "polish" each cement tile. The process simulates the "patina" a cement tile might develop after years of being cleaned with wax and water. We recommend that tiles installed on vertical or overhead applications be factory polished since they can't be easily buffed after installation. For floor applications, they can be left polished or unpolished. To find out more about polishing read our post including a video called What is Cement Tile Polishing?


  5. How do I decide what colors to use for my tiles?

    We can't pick the colors for you. However, our step-by-step guide to customizing cement tiles, Color Me Mine with Cement Tiles, is a great resource that helps you choose the colors for any pattern. If you are an architect, designer or creative person that enjoys design this is something you will enjoy. If not, consider our Artist Series, Classic, Cuban Heritage, Mission Tile, or Textured cement tiles that come in popular colorways. Our basic Cement Tile Customization Services can assist you with your design. These support services include color chips, virtual design, strike-off samples, custom colors and custom patterns.


With all of the available options and choices for color and customization, it's easy to see why cement tile are a designer's dream. If you are a design professional or interested in our "design line" of cement tile, please don't hesitate to contact us. At Avente Tile, we have the knowledge and skill needed to make your design come to life in tile.

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