Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tile Talk Newsletter - April 2011

Project Pick: Cement Tile at Home in the Office

Colonial Antigua Rust Capuchinas

Avente Tile premiers its Geometric and Traditional cement tile lines. These patterns feel right at home in a corporate office and they are perfect for your home, too. Our two new cement tile "design lines" are for architects, designers and creative individuals that enjoy the design process or need a custom design for their project. Our recent blog post, A Designer's Dream: Cement Tiles, answers the top five questions about how to use these lines. To aid the design process, Avente offers Cement Tile Customization Services for these tiles using the 85 Heritage Colors.

In the photo, notice how the Geo 10 Cement Tile colors have been customized and paired with the Traditional Constanza Cement Tile Border using the 'standard colors' from the catalog? This expresses what our design line is all about! You pick the colors and placement

Geo 10 Cement Tile Constanza Cement Tile Sosua Geo 30 Cement Tile
Geo 10 Constanza Sosua Geo 30

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Save 15% on Bird & Nest Tiles

Nothing says spring like our Birds & Nests tiles. The days are getting longer. Celebrate spring with an Avente tile favorite. Save 15% through May 31, 2011. No coupon needed. Place your order online.

Bird and Nest Tiles

This amazing line of bird and nature inspired decorative tile comes in rich, deep pooled glazes in blue and plum hues. Artistically paired to contrast with terra cotta and earth tones. The large decorative tiles are done in relief and come in 8" x 8" and 8" x 10" accent pieces.

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Tile Tip:

Use bull nose tiles to create a finished edge for a backsplash and reduce the cost over more expensive trim, such as cornices and ropes. Most of our field tile can be purchased that way. See three common backsplash options using bull nose, cap or cove tiles.

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