Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Customer Shares Their Cuban Tile Installation

I always appreciate when a customer takes the time to share a photo from a tile project using Avente's Tile. Last Monday I received this email from our customers in Florida.

Here are two views of the installed tile. Both are looking towards the front door. The room looks awesome! We are so happy with our choice. Thanks again for all your help.

Cuban Tile Installation Room View
Cuban Tile Installation Room View

Cuban Tile Installation Floor View - Design 160-2A
Cuban Tile Installation Floor View (Design 160-2A)

I agree, the room does look awesome and kudos for a job well done. They used Cuban Heritage Design 160-2A in the standard 8" x 8" size and colors: Sugar Cookie, Gray, Jet Black, Fire Brick.

Cuban Heritage Cement Tile - Design 160-2A
Pattern & Colorway 160-2A

They were great customers, too! They evaluated samples, asked questions, and had a realistic budget and schedule for this project. Interested in creating an awesome look for your home using cement tile? Take a look at our Cement Tile Design Ideas to help get some ideas and then contact us!

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