Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cement Tile Fireplace Ideas

A few weeks ago we shared Four Fireplace Tile Design Ideas using ceramic tiles. Alternatively, cement tiles can be used for a fireplace surround, too. Here's two cement tile designs for a fireplace that use our Classic Cluny A and Traditional Yuna cement tiles.

Cluny Cement Tile Fireplace
Fireplace Surround using Classic Cluny Cement Tile

Fireplace cement tile installations are easily adapted to new installations since you can adjust the width or height of the fireplace marginally to avoid cuts and maintain the pattern. Cement tiles work well for retro-fits on existing fireplace installations, too. But, make a detailed layout plan for the tiles and expect to do some cutting. Also, remember that the edge of patterned cement tiles can't be finished with a bull nose to create a seamless transition. Make sure to account for providing a finished edge with a different material like wood molding (below), ceramic tile or stone (above).

Fireplace Surround using Traditional Yuna Cement Tile
Fireplace Surround using Traditional Yuna Cement Tile

Border patterns work well for framing the firebox. Notice how nicely the cement tile works with the other surfaces like the wood molding and marble floor? Cement tiles are a great way to bring color and pattern to your hearth!

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