Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tile Talk Newsletter - November 2011

Project Pick: Barcelona San Jose Mural

Barcelona San Jose Quarter Design Tiles on Wall
Barcelona San Jose Quarter Design Tiles Create a Mural

Create an eye-catching mural on any wall with quarter design tile patterns from our Barcelona line. These classic Spanish tile patterns have a Mediterranean flair that can be used in any space. Quarter design tiles require four tiles to make the complete pattern and are often scaled versions of the same pattern found on smaller tiles. Quarter design tiles generally have more negative space and are ideal for creating a patterned mural for larger wall installations. The pattern's negative space ensures a timeless look that isn't too busy. Also, consider using them as wainscoting or in kitchens and baths or showers. Here, the San Jose Quarter 6" x 6" tiles grab your attention on this patio.

San Jose Complete Design
San Jose Complete Design 6" x 6" Tile

San Jose Quarter Design
San Jose Quarter Design 6" x 6" Tile (4 shown)

Other Barcelona Quarter Design Patterns

Barcelona La Merced Quarter Design Tile Barcelona San Francisco Quarter Design Tile Barcelona Cande Laria Quarter Design Tile Barcelona La Ermitta Quarter Design Tile
La Merced San Francisco Cande Laria La Ermitta

The Barcelona line has five classic decorative patterns. Each line has a sink plus tile in these formats: 3x3 corners with glazed edges, 3x6 border tiles with glazed edges, 3x3 accent tiles, 6x6 Complete Design Tile, and 6x6 Quarter Design Tile. It's easy to create designs for rooms with these lines!

Cement Tile Special: Cathedral Pattern

We currently have about 8,000 pieces of unpolished Cathedral 8" x 8" tile ready to ship from the factory. While supplies last the Cathedral tile is available at a special price of $5.12 per tile. No other discounts or coupons can be applied. Colors used in this pattern include Powder Blue, Pearl Gray, Amber White and custom brown colors.

8x8 Cathedral Cement Tile
8" x 8" Cathedral Cement Tile

This is a great choice when you need a unique look but can't wait for a custom order. Call 888.739.4972 (9-5 PDT M-F) and place your order today. Call us with your dimensional area requirements and we'll provide a FREE estimate that includes freight and handling.

Tile Tip:

Create a decorative border using hand painted tiles along the edge of a counter or around a mirror, archway or door. The best tile sizes for borders are 3"x6" or 3"x3" tiles. Some tiles, like our Barcelona border pattern come with a glazed edge so no trim is needed when used for a counter top. You can also use tiles with a glazed edge to create a base trim along the edge of a room.

Hand Painted Border Tiles are used for the Mirror and Counter
Hand Painted Border Tiles are used for the Mirror and Counter

See other great ways to use decorative tiles in our recent post about Four Ways to Use Hand Painted Tiles.

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