Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spanish Tiles Create a Classic Look for Fireplace

We’ve been talking a lot about tile and fireplaces this fall. In October, we showed you Four Fireplace Tile Design Ideas using hand painted tiles. In November, we showed you a few Cement Tile Fireplace Ideas. This week we share a customer’s photos using our hand painted Spanish Albacete tiles. First, we want to thanks Heidi Halderman of Natural Stone Design Gallery in Sacramento who worked with us and her customers to create a stunning look.

Spanish Albacete Tiles on Fireplace
Spanish Albacete Tiles are used on this Fireplace

The email from Heidi's customer's started like this:

We are SO happy with the fireplace!! Thank you so much, Heidi. Your creativity is now in almost every room of the house!

What I love about this design is how well it works with the other surfaces and material in the room. The decorative tiles really add a splash of color to the room. They are right at home with the terra cotta floor pavers, stone molding and black granite mantle and bench. The design uses our Spanish Albacete 6"x6" on the front of the fireplace and Spanish Albacete 3"x6" on the sides.

Spanish Tile - Albacete Pattern 6x6 Format
Spanish Albacete 6" x 6" Tile

Spanish Tile - Albacete Pattern 3x6 Format
Spanish Albacete 3" x 6" Tile

With hand painted tiles it’s a good idea to ask for samples that show the range of colors. Or, at least what’s currently available. Having a few samples with the most variation helps you understand the variation that you can expect to see in hand painted tiles. And, that's exactly what Heidi did. She ordered several samples. Discussed her concerns with the variation. When she was ready to order, she let us know that she needed tiles with saturated colors for the project to work. Many folks love the lighter tones; some folks want the darker ones. Our goal at Avente Tile is to provide all of the tiles for a project in a consistent dye lot that the customer prefers. If not, we let you know what’s available before we ship your order.

Spanish Albacete Tiles on Fireplace
Spanish Albacete Tiles are used on this Fireplace

Again, we want to thank Heidi at Natural Stone Design Gallery in Sacramento for choosing to work with Avente on this project. Natural Stone Design Gallery has been a partner with Avente since 2009 and feature many of our hand painted tiles in their showroom. If you are in Sacramento, stop by and say hello!

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