Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tile from Around the World - Coverings 2012

Last week I had the pleasure of attending and working at The Coverings Tile and Stone Trade show in Orlando. It was absolutely wonderful to see the amazing amount of tile and stone offerings from around the world. There were tile installations that highlighted baths, back splashes and almost every possible area and surface in a home or office. So given all that I had to see I thought I would share a bit of that with you.

Tile, glass and mirror and it makes a beautiful accent to this bathroom setting.

Look closely and you may see the level of work involved in making sure that each piece fits together perfectly.

There were many colors and designs from a vast array of companies from around the globe.

If you look closely you will see that the darker pieces are actually wood- the dark pieces are walnut in this case. Due to the process involved these tiles, using wood, can actually be used on the vertical surfaces of showers with no  harm to them.

There were also many various tiles with different textures and patterns.

Wonderful examples that could be used as accents for part of a wall or more.

No these are not pieces of wood but tile. Tile manufacturing has advanced with technology and tile can be used for accenting walls in areas that were not common before. Now you can have the look of wood but with the last presence of tile.

Or maybe you would like the look of a wooden floor but with the life and aspects that tile affords? There were many options and vendors to see with many choices available.

Tile for floor and wall.

Very small tile can be produced with various shading due to new advances in technology and when assembled- Viola- a picture with clarity is seen.

I would doubt that you would have something like this for your home but what about something like this for a lobby with a unique design that represented your business?

Throughout the show I saw tile that had commercial applications as well as residential uses and it was an aspect that you wouldn't normally see while visiting your local retail store.

The amount to see at this show was intense and I could have talked with others about their tile and stone for days. Viewing the various tiles from all over the globe is really something not to be missed and I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peak into what a tile trade show has to offer.

I was compensated by Coverings for assistance provided in their social media program during the show. This post is solely produced by the author and reflects my opinions and thoughts without relevance to the show or individual companies.  

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