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Tile Talk Newsletter - April 2012

Project Pick: Cuban Tiles make Eye-Catching Backsplash

Cuban Tiles Create an eye-catching backsplash
Photo Credit: Kelly von Stroh, Durango, CO, Avente Customer

This month's project pick comes from Kelly von Stroh, an Avente customer, in Durango, Colorado. Kelly was kind enough to send us a photo of her installation and an email that started like this:

"I forgot to send you a picture of our tile installation! It looks great! We LOVE it, and get TONS of complements on the tiles!"
- Kelly von Stroh, Durango, CO

Durango, Colordo is in Southwestern Colorado. It's a beautiful place and is nestled at the foot of the San Juan Mountains. In the summer the bright green aspen, blue spruce and dark green fir trees create a verdant landscape against the rocky brown and grey mountains. You can see where Kelly's inspiration for the kitchen's color palette came from.

The cement tile backsplash is stunning! The kitchen color design is excellent. The green in the tiles looks so nice with the dark wood cabinets and gray tones in the slate flooring. Kelly did a great job of letting the tiles be the focal point of the room – the counter and floor aren’t fighting for attention. As you can see from Kelly's photo, cement tiles provide jaw-dropping beauty and really are show stoppers.

Find out more about this project and Kelly's design process on our blog, Avente Tile Talk. There are some great tips and ideas for anybody that is considering Cement Tile for their project! Read:

>> Cuban Tiles Make Eye-Catching Kitchen Backsplash

The Cuban Heritage cement tile designs from Avente are from patterns re-discovered and saved from from old homes and crumbling estates in Havana. Cuban Tile designs are different from other cement tiles and characterized by the use of elaborate patterns, bold colors and prominent borders, very ofter double borders

Cuban Heritage Design 140 comes in four standard colorways:

Cuban Tile Pattern 140-1A

Design 140 1A
8" x 8"

Cuban Tile Pattern 140-2B
Design 140 2B
8" x 8"

Cuban Tile Pattern CH140-3B
Design 140 3B
8" x 8"

Cuban Tile Pattern Design 140-4A
Design 140 4A
8" x 8"

You can also customize the colors in these patterns using the Heritage Colors or create your own custom color.

>> See the collection of Cuban Tile Pattens

Spring Sale! Save 15% on Bird & Nest Tiles

Bird and Nest Tiles

Spring is here and nothing says spring like a sale on our Bird & Nest tiles. The days are getting longer and warmer. The birds are singing and we want to give you something to sing about as well. Celebrate spring and Save 15% on any Bird & Nest tile purchased through May 31, 2012. No coupon needed. Place your order online.

This amazing line of nature-inspired relief tile comes in rich, pooled glazes of blue and plum hues. The large decorative tiles are done in relief and come in 8"x8" and 8"x10" accent pieces. Each tile is equipped with a notch for easy hanging. They make great accents for the patio and kitchen sans grout! They make great mother's day gifts, too!

>> View All Bird & Nest Tiles

>> Read Blog Post: Nothing Says Spring like Bird & Nest Tiles

Tile Tip:

When planning a budget for small cement tile projects, estimate the cost of freight at about 30-50% of the total order cost.

This is common for small projects when using cement tiles for a fireplace, backsplash or small bathroom where residential delivery is required. The cost of freight increases even more when you aren't near a large city or major shipping lane. In the installation shown in the month's project pick, the freight costs were 45% of the total order cost.

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