Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Customer Shares their Tile Mural Backsplash

I'm excited to share a kitchen backsplash installation from an Avente Tile customer in Seattle. The customer's home kitchen was being remodeled. She decided to use Avente's Summer Harvest Tile Mural for the backsplash. The email included a photo and went like this:

"I have attached a picture to share with your artist to show how beautifully the tile mural turned out in our kitchen remodel. Thank you for your excellent service and product. We are thrilled with the results."

Fruit and Vegetable Tile Mural for Kitchen BacksplashFruit and Vegetable Tile Mural for Kitchen Backsplash
Photo credit: Avente Customer

I'm impressed with the results too! There are three things I really like about this installation. First, the contrast in finish. The mural really "pops" because its matte finish helps set it apart from the sheen of the glossy field tile. I typically see these murals installed with natural stone, tumbled marbled or travertine. The mural's standard "twig tile frame" was replaced with bright pencil trim that really highlights the installation. My compliments to the installer for the nicely mitered corners on the frame. Well-executed installation always shows in the details. Finally, I commend the use of color in the field tile - well done! I like seeing this mural with something other than beige or neutral colors - it provides a fresh look.

The Summer Harvest mural is 23" long and 8" high. Each mural is hand painted and made-to-order just for you. Colors can be slightly customized to work more intimately with your space. For instance, the grapes can be purple or red.

Summer Harvest Tile Mural with Twig Border
Summer Harvest Tile Mural with Twig Border

Tile murals are artwork, so make sure you find something that speaks to you! If you are considering a tile mural for your home, take a look at our tile murals. Make sure to read our tips on how to to create a striking mural backsplash.

Fruit and vegetable tiles are a classic kitchen theme and one of the best ways to create an impact is with a tile mural. A tile mural is art. They look best framed (with tile of course). Not only do tile murals provide a stunning look, they simplify the design process and installation – especially, if you are a DIYer. Why? They provide a starting point for color and are the focal point of the room. Once you find a tile mural that you love, the remaining color choices, counter material and cabinets will all play supporting roles that start from here. Tile murals simplify the tile layout because the remaining backsplash ufses ield tile laid with a consistent pattern.

Our customers have great ideas and find ways to put a fresh spin on a classic look. In this installation, I like the use of different finishes between the mural (matte) and the field tile (gloss). I also like the use of color in the field tile. Thanks to our wonderful customer for sharing their installation with all of our readers. I hope it helps you find some inspiration.

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