Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Arles Handmade Field Tile

Today I'm excited to highlight our new line of field tiles, Arles. Arles is a handmade tile with a stunning, reactive glaze in colors reminiscent of the seasons in Provence. If you've ever felt a cold Mistral in your face or seen the hay dry in the fields on a warm summer day, you'll begin to see and feel the colors in Arles.

Lavender field
Lavender field
Provence is the inspiration for the colors in Arles

There’s something very unique about the rich glazes in Arles. They are full of movement and fluctuation.

Arles is available in five colors: Aqua, Mist, Hay, Cork, and Wheat. Each color is stocked in a 4"x4" field tile, a molding, and a simple liner. Rhomboids are also available. When purchasing samples, make sure to be get at least four different pieces so that you get a good idea in the variation of color.

Aqua ranges from inky black to aqua blue.

Arles Field Tile in Aqua
Arles Field Tile & Trim in Aqua

Mist is an intense, blue-grey tile.

Arles Field Tile in Mist
Arles Field Tile & Trim in Mist

Cote d'Azur ner Roqubrune
Cote d'Azure near Roqubrune
Provence is the inspiration for the colors in Arles

"We use a local terracotta body which allows the titanium oxide in the glaze to move the way it does. We fire it differently than our other ceramic tiles too, and that’s why each tile has such distinctive qualities," explains the owner of the design studio where they are made.

"Basically, this combination is what makes this line is so different. There is great variation in the glaze color ranges. The reactive glazes change so much, so it is never the same twice." And, don't forget, Arles is 100% handmade. You'll see the hand of the artist in each tile body and in the glaze.

Hay ranges from yellow to light brown.

Arles Field Tile in Hay
Arles Field Tile & Trim in Hay

These tiles are suitable for all indoor wall applications. They can be used in outdoor locations; but, not in frosty environments.

Cork is a mixture of rich, matte chocolate shades.

Arles Field Tile in Cork
Arles Field Tile & Trim in Cork

Wheat is a saturated earth brown that varies from medium to dark.

Arles Field Tile in Wheat
Arles Field Tile & Trim in Wheat

With its slightly irregular, handmade rustic-body, Arles looks great when laid with wider grout lines. Because there is a high degree of variation in the hand-painted glaze colors, it adds interest and movement to any installation. Arles is a great way to achieve a rustic or relaxed feel with field tiles and bring the colors of Provence into your home.

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